How do working moms find time for themselves?

Surely you have acquaintances working moms who manage to get out of the house, go to work, take the children to school, have time for their husband and go about their business: draw, go to meetings with friends or play sports. When you look at such women, thoughts appear in your head: “How do they do everything?! Is their day consist of 27 hours? Are they robots? ”

These questions will worry you for a long time, but when you find your hobby, the need to “make time” will become quite urgent.

All in your hands

For any hobby at least half of an hour can be allocated. It is easy to say, but hard to find these half of an hour. A woman can be busy until the night. The most common problem in this case: the inability to properly allocate time. You need to monitor your daily activities. It is necessary to find the source of your overload. Maybe you spend too much time cleaning or preparing complex dishes every day?

What does a working mom do wrong?

The standard schedule of working moms: home -> school -> work -> school -> home. Familiar? Many mothers hide their anxiety and tiredness of the routine. Women who find time for themselves also live in this mode. Yes, they can wake up earlier and lay down at a later time. But since they can find time for themselves, then you can!

Working mom lay down on the couch because of extreme fatigue

What mistakes does a working mom make:

  • Overload. Many working mothers themselves take on a lot of work. They want to do everything. Women still remain without attention to the hobby. As an: you work, you bring up children, you prepare food for the family, you give time to your husband, you do the cleaning. Such women get up before everyone else and go to bed after all others. They themselves create such a burden for themselves.
  • “Time Killers”. We pay a lot of attention to the Internet and other time killers. Now you will read this article, then watch a couple of funny videos, then write to your friends about how your day went. What happens in the end: you get useful information, and then do something for nothing, spending half of an hour or even a few hours on it. TV also refers to the “time killers”. You are watching a movie or a TV show with constant breaks in advertising. Advertise twist for 5 minutes every 15 minutes from the film. For 2 hours of watching a movie you will spend 30 minutes on advertising;

This is not all the fun of the process itself. This is due to the fact that a woman should not pay enough attention to her hobby: in 15 minutes you don’t need to show a picture, do not write poems, don’t read many chapters in a book. I have doubts: “I will never do it well enough!”, “This is not necessary and not interesting to anyone!”.

A working mom sits on a bed and checks social networks.

What can a working mom do?

  1. Share housework with her husband. Don’t think that your husband will immediately abandon the idea. On the contrary, many willingly agree to help. Perhaps it always seemed to them that you are coping yourself or you simply did not notice his offer to help you. Find out what responsibilities the husband is ready to take: wash the dishes, pick up the children from school, do the cleaning, cook dinner;
  2. Shift your priorities. This is not a call for you to give up your housework. Just ask yourself a few questions: “Will it be very dirty in the house if I wash the floor not every day, but once in two days?”. If you can answer “no” than feel free to apply updated responsibilities in everyday life. Remember that your children and husband can help you. You will not only free some personal time, but also teach your children and husband to do the cleaning and cook food;
  3. Overcome guilt. Stop thinking that your work takes time to spend on family and housework. Remember that your hobby is your relaxation. If you are constantly engaged only in childcare and doing housework, then you can go into a state of protracted depression. You will have constant apathy, a bad mood, you will often quarrel with your husband and children. Talk to friends and family, ask for support from them and mental health problems will not appear;
  4. Always create. Between business there is always a little time when we are waiting for something: while preparing cookies, while the child is in training. At this time, you can come up with the next quatrain, watch knitting lessons on YouTube, make sketches in your album, learn new chords for the guitar. At home, you can ask family members not to disturb you for an hour or two. Give yourself a quiet corner or room where you can fully immerse yourself in a hobby;
  5. Get rid of the “time killers.” Think about what you see or read. Perhaps many videos, TV shows and articles are not so useful to you;

Husband helps wife prepare salad

How does a working mom start making time for a hobby?

  • Talk to loved ones. Say that you need personal time and you urgently need help;
  • Choose a hobby that you like. If you cannot allocate enough time for it, then think about whether you like it. A woman can always find time for creativity;
  • Get creative every day. You need to form a habit. A hobby should be an integral part of your life;
  • Remove from the list all affairs that does not benefit you. Funny pictures and videos with cats will not disappear from you.

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