When a woman is too old to have a baby?

Nowadays women give a birth at more adult age than im recent times, and many of them refuse to have a baby and create a family at all. They make such choice in favor of career, active or joyfull life or they want to make a good financial base at first. Such women come up with the idea of having a baby at rather late age and sometimes it is too late. What is the border line, when it is better not to have a baby?

Average and border age to have a baby

More recently this critical border of giving a birth was the age of 22 – 24 years. Our mothers were told that it is necessary to give a birth till 25. And at the moment, the old-mother is considered to be a woman older than 35 years. Thus, the border age of giving a birth is constantly growing. And the reasons for it, is the features of our today’s social life.

Nowadays, the average age of a woman giving birth to her first child has shifted to 28-33 years. At the same time, the percentage of complications of pregnancy did not increase in comparing with the statistics of 20-30 years late. The results of research in the field of demography showed that the successful course and result of pregnancy depend on the health and lifestyle of future parents, their level of health care and the environment. Passport age from this point have not big influence.

The statistic shows that in average a woman is able to give birth until 40-55 years. The most proper age for this is considered to be 18-30 years. At the age of 35, the aging of the body begins, hormonal activity gradually decreases and the risk of having children with genetic abnormalities increases.

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Have a baby at the age of 30

According to physiological indicators, the average optimal period for carrying a baby is consider to be the age of 22 years. And psychologists in their turn say that a woman is emotionally ready to get pregnant only to 30-35 years. So it maybe the best age to have a baby as the life experience will help to bring up a good child and this process will be easy.

And there is a tendency – women in modern developed countries give a birth only at 30 or near it. Besides, it is not accomplished with any health problems of the child and the mother as a rule.

In order to avoid serious problems during pregnancy after 30 years, a woman needs to examine her body with full responsibility with different specialists.

Have a baby at the age of 40

After 40 years it is too late to give birth. The most common explanation for this idea is that pregnancy and childbirth are a great stress on the woman’s body. And after 40 years, the risk of developing serious diseases increases. To give a birth after 40 years is dangerous for the future mother as well as for the child. Another reason for this statement is the increased risk of genetic disorders of the fetus.

The risks of all kinds of complications associated with additional loads on the woman’s body raises along with increasing age. However, this does not mean that pregnancy after 40 years will certainly be complicated, and the child will not be able to be born healthy. Mostly it depends on parent’s health.

But it’s not only about health. As a rule at the age of 40 there can be not enough energy and strength to have a baby and take care about him. A woman is just not able to keep up with a child, in most cases.

The other argument against the idea to have a baby at this age is that there will be less understanding between a parent and a child, as the age gap is too big.

What more, the  such late child will be left without a parent, because of death, at a relatively early age. And there will be no a dearest man near to get support. And the grown up child will have to manage through many difficulties almost alone.

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When it is too late to have a baby

If there is an opportunity and desire, it is better to give birth until 30 years. As it will be easy, and the risks of complications are minimal. But this does not mean that after 30 it is categorically too late to give birth. From the point of psychological and financial point of view to give a birth after 30 years even better.

As for the border age. Although when to have a baby is a personal matter, according to the expert, it is better to do it till 40 years.

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