Top 10 first-time mom’s fears

As bringing up a child is a difficult thing as you take responsibility of another little man. And of course, it can cause a lot of fears to do something wrong or not to manage with it at all. But do not be afraid, because it’s usual thing and you are not alone. Every mom successfully comes through it, so will do you.

There are most popular fears of the new moms and advice how to deal with it. After all, a fear should motivate to be a better parent, not be a reason for panic and reducing the idea of having a baby.

Pathological bacteria fear

It is very popular among young mothers. This can have a positive meaning, as the house in this case is impeccable clean. But sometimes it goes beyond rational limits. Dangerous bacteria and microbes seem to be everywhere.

Regular disinfection, cleaning and washing several times a day turn into a real mania. It takes a lot of energy and nerves of the first-time moms. However, it still seems that the child can get sick of bacteria or microbes. This approach can be considered as reasonable only the first month. Then clean is necessary, but within reasonable limits. The immunity of the child needs training in order to be able to fight the same bacteria by itself.

A child should communicate with other children and pets. Only this way there can be formed a good immunity. It is interesting, that with the second or third child enthusiasm of even of the most die-hard bacteria fighter’s decrease.

first-time mom's bacteria fear

I, as a first-time mom, can’t deal with it

I’m a bad mother. Such thoughts appear in mom’s head after they notice they get irritated and nervous too often. But there is no reason to be afraid. Only in the movies you can see a mother, who always manages everything, never gets tired, solves any problems, and still looks like a model. In life, everything is different and we are all nervous, something is not going well, and we can be wrong.

I don’t know what to do with my first baby

“I don’t know what to do with him, and I’m afraid to hurt him” – Is it a familiar thought to you? Later memories of awkward treatment of the baby cause a smile. But at the beginning there can be a thought of self-worthless.

This fear is a kind of common fear “Something wrong with me.” Most young moms are sure that other mothers know how to bathe, feed and think the right thoughts since they take their baby first time. But it is not true. And once more – parenting is a process of getting baby care experience. Everyone overcomes it, and you are able to overcome it.

 Have not enough time

This fear is reasonable. As baby requires a lot of time and attention. But don’t demand too much from yourself. There is only 24 hours a day and you should meet not only baby’s needs, but your own as well. That is why don’t hesitate to ask for help. You won’t manage with all the things by yourself anyway.

Night fears for the first child

first time mom fears about her baby's sleep

Many mothers get up several times a night to listen whether the child breathes. The fear gets worse when a child is sick, even if there is a usual snot and cough. Moms panic that the child can suffocate. In this case, the mother’s body is in constant tension.

These can help for some time:

baby sleeping in the parent’s room;

sleep on back;

preventing overheating of the baby;

Therefore, you must overcome this fear. Relax and realize there is no danger actually.

Going outdoors with the first child

Sometimes parents are afraid to leave the house with the baby. They beware of strangers, crowds, germs on the streets. And leaving the house with the baby is sometimes really dangerous.

For example, during the first 40 days from birth baby adapts to the microorganisms of the environment. Any additional stress during this period like long walks and contacts with new people is not recommended. The kid’s organism will be easier to cope with his tasks, if it will be surrounded by native people and a quiet home atmosphere.

If the baby has been ill with diseases related to the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, ENT and any infections he better not be taken outdoors too. In this case, mom should give immunity to get stronger for 1-2 days.

Low temperature one more reason to avoid walking. The border is -10-15degrees. This is especially important for large cities because of the “heavy” air. Any walks should be no longer than 15-30 minutes.

But child have to go there in order to change of scenery and to have fresh air. That is why if there is none of the three reasons in case of your child, you better go outside for half an hour walk.

Fear of illnesses

Children often get sick and it is a usual thing. However, it is difficult to be mentally prepared for it. Mom is afraid to confuse and to do something wrong. Well, that is good you bother about your child’s health, but stop being in panic.

First of all, gather the first aid kit under the guidance of a pediatrician. Secondly – never do self-diagnosis and self-treatment of the baby, even if the disease seems obvious.

first-time mom panic and don't know what to do with illness

Stunted growth of the first child

This fear is experienced by many mothers, most often unreasonably. Instead of enjoying the success of their child, they begin to compare his achievements with the kid’s, friends and neighbors. Sometimes anxiety occurs after reading special literature for young parents, which clearly indicates the time when certain skills should appear.

To get rid of the fear realize, no one except the doctor can diagnose this disease. The terms in the literature are average. Regular visits to a pediatrician will keep you sure the child is ok. And do not compare children with other kids.

Pampering spoils the first child

Many new moms and dads avoid taking a child on arms one more redundant time, because it can spoil a child. But a baby really needs a special attention. He needs to be taken on arms, fed, talked to him.

So don’t be afraid, hold the baby, hug him and play games. There is a statement, that children, that had been got enough parent’s warm and love, develops more faster than his peers.

A fear to ask for help

Sometimes first-time mom is afraid to let her husband look after the child. That shouldn’t be this way. A child needs to become accustomed to the father as well.

The reason as a rule is a mistrust that he is able to take care of the child. But who knows, maybe exactly he will manage better in some situations!

All these fears increase constant tension. The main to overcome it is to relax. Remember, it is very important to be confident in your abilities, otherwise your excitement will be transmitted to the baby.

You are strong, believe in yourself!

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