30 useful tips for a first time father

Childbirth is an exciting time for both parents. First time father worries no less than a first time mother does. Women are trying to get ready to become mothers all their life: they read special literature, play daughters-mothers, nurse with brothers and sisters, go to special courses. And it’s usual that many fathers are not experienced and do not know what is the best for their children.

We have gathered for you 30 useful tips for a first time father:

  1. Forget about 8 hours of sleep. You will return this privilege only when your child is 2 years old;
  2. Be a fair and strict father. Don‘t spoil the child. Don’t believe his puppy eyes and tears;reading fairy tales brings a first time father and child
  3. Don’t build accurate plans for the day or week. Your son or daughter will change them;
  4. You will have less time for sleep and sex. Just go through it;
  5. Don’t rely on your parents or friends, your child is your responsibility;
  6. The first time father will be given many different tips for raising your child. You can listen to them all, but choose those tips which will suit you personally;
  7. Don’t constantly buy new toys for your child. He will be more interested in your watch, TV remote, sunglasses or car keys. Just show him these things. Thus, you will not only save a lot of money, but also get to know your son more quickly.
  8. Believe your child.
  9. Hide valuable things away from the child: phone, game console, metal jewelry, paper money. Your child will always try to destroy them;
  10. Any first time father becomes phlegmatic. Sooner or later you will become calmer;
  11. Your wife spends with the child 24 hours a day. It can drive her crazy. Help her at least for a few hours;
  12. Yes, your son or daughter is more beautiful than other children. It’s a fact!
  13. Work for a first time father will now be a holiday and a place of rest;
  14. Spend more time with the child. Give your spouse a break. Let her go out with friends, to go for a manicure or to the store;
  15. You can pretend to be asleep all night and your wife will have to go to the crib herself;
  16. If you see a man with twins, then just come and shake his hand. His life twice as hard as yours;
  17. Now, in moments of complete fatigue and powerlessness, you can remember a man with twins. It will definitely encourage you!first time father's dream with twins
  18. Thank your parents. Now you understand how hard it was for them;
  19. The young father must understand what his child’s tears mean: the baby hit himself or had a bad dream;
  20. Learn to cut your child’s nails. This is an important skill, because the baby can injure itself with long nails;
  21. Well remember what your child is wearing and how he looks. So you will not take someone else’s son or daughter from kindergarten;
  22. If you swing child with your leg for a long time, then you will fall asleep quickly;
  23. A young father should not think that putting a baby to sleep is a simple task. This is an unpredictable process that can last 15 minutes or a few hours!
  24. From now on, your car will become a warehouse of children’s things;
  25. If you are over 40 years old, and you have just now got your first child, then you can safely call yourself a “young father”;
  26. Your child seems nice in the morning, because he slept, unlike you;
  27. Try to make sure that your child has no problems. Because his problems will cry out in you a lot of stress;
  28. Get a notebook in which you will write down all the pearls of your son or daughter. Do not forget to shoot his antics on the camera;
  29. Learn from your child sincerity and openness;
  30. First feed the child, and then put clothes on him. So you don’t have to change it several times.

dad feeds baby

It’s hard to be a first time father

This is a simple task. Many tips on the list seem absurd and ridiculous, but you will have to face such situations. Not afraid of feeling of anxiety or fear in the appearance of the child. This is normal! We all go through this. You and your wife can handle it all. Follow the tips from the list and look for useful information that will help you grow a good person!

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