Why do ladies gain weight while pregnancy?

Practically all women worry about pregnancy weight gain. And some of them refuse to have children at all because of the fear. But mostly this is only another fear of a pregnant woman, who bother at this state too much. And it is alright as this bothering makes a woman think about different things thoroughly and to make right decisions. As a result, the female becomes more careful and prevent bad occasions to her child.

In fact, all our fears have some positive sides. They help to avoid situations we don’t want to get in. Some of them are bad or even dangerous. Sometimes it’s better to reconsider the attitude and get ready for the occasion instead of being feared. But sometimes the fear is absolutely unreasonable. So, what about the fear of pregnancy weight gain?

Women should not be afraid too much of pregnancy weight gain. As a rule, after childbirth, the weight returns to the normal. Besides the weight gains for the particular reasons, which we can be affected in order to control it in some way.

Reasons of pregnancy weight gain

how to avoid pregnancy weight gain

It should be started with the fact that the condition of a pregnant woman, both mental and physical is affected a lot. It’s a real hormonal storm that changes well-being, mood, sensations. And all these have effect on eating behavior and habits as well as on the processes that involved in weight changes.

The conviction “eat for two”

Some pregnant ladies, especially first-time-moms who permanently get advice from relatives and friend who of course ‘know what’s better’ have this conviction in their minds. That is why they start to eat too much food. And extra kilograms appearing is an obvious result. And such overeating will have the same result in case of an ordinary man. And in fact, while pregnancy the woman doesn’t have to eat twice as much.

Even in the final, third trimester of pregnancy, in addition to the usual recommendation of 2,000 calories a day, a woman only needs another extra 200 calories. This is an equivalent of couple of naggets or couple of cookies.

Besides, it is possible to even keep a diet without the risk of harming the developing fetus. It means a healthy diet, not aimed at weight loss. It will be useful both for the mother and the child. Researches show that those who followed a diet, as a healthy nutrition system, gained in average 3.84 kg less by the end of pregnancy. No matter what type of the diet it was. None of them affected the weight of the baby at birth.

Increased appetite

increasing appetite is on of the reason of pregnancy weight gain

Very often during pregnancy, women experience severe hunger. And of course there is fear to harm the bodyshape. She begins to limit herself in food. But during pregnancy, starving is absolutely impossible, especially in the third trimester!

Meals schedule helps to manage with it. Every day should be started with a good breakfast meal. There also must be lunch, dinner and snacks. Thus, th number of meals should be 5-6 times a day. And the portions should be small.

When you eat, do not be distracted by anything, think only about good and enjoy every piece of food.

After eating, even if you do not finally satisfy hunger, take a break for 20 minutes. According to nutritionists, this is how much time is necessary for the brain to receive a “message” from the stomach about satiety.

Good sleep

bad sleeping is one of the reason of pregnancy weight gain

Having enough of sleep is good body shape in any case. And it is important for the issue of weight control during pregnancy as well. The body compensates lack of sleep with calories. As a result, wild hunger and the desire to eat food rich in carbohydrates.

Physical activity

Sport must be an essential part of everybody’s life, who want to keep his body in a good shape. Minimal physical activity like walking will be good to control the weight.

There are also different kinds of specialized activity for pregnant woman. They are exercises on a fitball, swimming, Aqua aerobics, yoga for example.

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