Mood swings during pregnancy

Mood swings during pregnancy are symptoms of early pregnancy, but not only for this period. They are typical for all 9 months. Pregnancy is a time when a whole range of feelings, sensations and emotions flow through a woman. Where do they come from and what influences them? Check out the mood swings you can sense during pregnancy.

Mood swings in pregnant women have already become legendary. Mad laughter and after a while tears. The future mother of a joyous woman can instantly become a violent and aggressive monster.

pregnant woman is under the influence of estrogen

Mood swings during pregnancy – true or myth?

While expecting a child, most women cannot control their mood, which is painfully felt by their immediate environment. Some of them are legends told by their husbands, but some of them actually appear because it comes from physiology. These are emotions associated with a hormonal storm.

In the body of the future mom changes occur. Including they relate to the level of hormones responsible for mood. The sudden drop in some and the increase in the second at the very beginning of pregnancy is the result of increased emotionality in moms.

Wine hormones

From the moment of fertilization, the secretion of hormones increases rapidly: the concentration of progesterone increases almost a hundred times, and the production of estrogen, prolactin and other hormones also increases significantly.

The result of their actions are not only physical changes. Hormones also affect the psyche, and this is manifested in emotional instability, colloquially known as mood swings or, worse, the severity of pregnancy.

Effect of estrogen

Estrogen has a stimulating effect on brain cells, so you perceive life with a positive: everything brings satisfaction, there are no problems that cannot be solved, the partner is affectionate and wonderful. Estrogen is a hormone of optimism.

The effect of progestrogen on mood swings during pregnancyThe effect of progestrogen on mood swings during pregnancy

Progestrogen, on the other hand, has the properties of blocking blood in the brain with oxygen and glucose, so the brain “feeds improperly.” Thus, progesterone causes a feeling of calm, peace, sadness, and at a later stage irritability, which often goes hand in hand with fatigue. These hormones work the opposite way!

Hormone failure

Due to the fact that during pregnancy hormones are much more unstable, and the blood level changes during the day, it is not surprising that the body is going crazy. After all, it receives conflicting signals and instructions.

Hence, these mood swings during pregnancy: from euphoria to depression, from anger and irritation to feelings of confusion and helplessness. Such instability is difficult to bear – for you and your family, friends. There is a stimulation of the tense situation: you constantly argue and conflict, you are annoyed by the fact that you cannot control yourself.

Mood swings during pregnancy due to reaction to a new role and position in life

Mood swings during pregnancy can also be caused by the usual reactions that accompany every life changes. And this is definitely the news about a child who is going to come to our world.

Getting pregnancy is the time when you get used to this idea. You need to come to the conclusion that you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for the life and health of another person.

In addition, accept that changes are waiting for you in all spheres of life: you have to postpone your favorite workout in the gym, maybe quit smoking, quit work?

Fear is normal

That’s not a surprise, many women are beginning to feel anxious after a brief shock. They are afraid if they will like the new life, will they be able to cope with the new commitments, will they have time for themselves and their husband, will they survive the difficult times? The typical reason for the fear of pregnancy is money, or rather their lack – it is known that raising a child is “expensive”.

Feeling bad because of mood swings during pregnancy

These are not the only causes of mood swings during pregnancy. Mood, which is typical for the first months of pregnancy, can also contribute to a change in the general condition of mommy.

Due to weakness and nausea, you feel eternal fatigue – an increase in estrogen causes problems with sleep, so you do not even have the opportunity to sleep. Nausea also leads to the fact that you do not want to visit friends, go to the movies, not to mention having sex with your husband!

Mood swings during pregnancy cause anxiety. Many mothers cannot stand the thought that now they will be hard to do the cleaning in the house, will have to quit work and sports training. It is difficult for them to accept the idea that soon all their free time will have to be given to a small child.

Feeling bad because of mood swings during pregnancy


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