How do sleep deprived moms can cope with the lack of rest?

One of the most common things all moms, especially first time, face with is having not enough time for sleep. Sleep deprived mom wish for just one night of a good rest. This inconvenience come along with the happy of having a baby and in some way it’s like a drop of tar in honey. And there are numerous reasons for it.

Reasons of moms sleep deprivation

Interrupted child’s night sleep

The main thing causes being a sleep deprived mom interrupted child’s night sleep.

Any child up to 3-4 years can sleep without waking up no more than 6 hours in a row. But even this is a rare occasion. As usually, a newborn sleeps no more than 4-5 hours. And the norm of an adult sleep is 7-9-hour period of constant sleep, which can not be acceptable for a tiny baby.

Newborns have a completely different sequence and duration of sleep phases. It is assumed that during the first phase, which is light sleep, there is an active and rapid development of the brain. Therefore, in case of newborns it takes up to 4/5 of the total duration of sleep. In adults, it lasts no more than 1/5 of all the time. However, during this phase, the person is easiest to wake up. And with constantly waking up and falling asleep and being only in this phase of light sleep, an adult will not be able to fully relax and recover.

baby sleep deprivation cause sleep deprived mom

Worry about newborn

Another reason, capable strip sweet sleep this anxiety for your baby. A first time mom does not always know what her child needs. It takes time before she feels him and can understand his needs. And until the needs of the child will not become as clear as her own, there will be doubts about the correctness of her actions and whether everything is ok with the child at the moment.

Trying to do everything by herself

Some first time mothers are sure they must be with their child all the 24/7. They try to do their best in order to give the baby enough love and care. Besides, there is still housework that should be done. By whom? “Of course by me!”- will say the sleep deprived mom. But actually not. Endless washing, ironing and cooking take a lot of time along with the new born baby. Thus, some first time moms have no time for themselves, not even for sleep.

First time mom’s habits

In addition, there are some habits that sleep deprived moms have, which have a negative influence at their sleep. Many people, not only mothers have them. But with a baby their presence has another, more significant meaning.

This is, for example, coffee. Here we are not discussing about its admissibility, as it was done there. But drinking it can create a vicious circle. Sleep deprived mom tries to stay active through the day with the help of the drink. But coffee drunk throughout the day, leave caffeine effect in the body for a long time. Therefore, it is better to use it at least 8 hours before bedtime. A constant use of coffee to wake up in the absence of normal sleep can adversely affect the normal performance of the body in general and even cause insomnia in particular.

Meal time also affects the sleep. First time mom can not always eat in a proper way through the mess they must control. There can be night overeating that affect the sleep in a bad way.

Stress and bad sleep conditions prevent relaxing and good sleep. This is also about room temperature, fresh air, peace and quiet and so on.

Daily routine vs mom’s sleep deprivation

what to do if seep deprived mom

But all it can be shorted to one – vague daily routine. Because if your baby is accustomed to sleep in the same time, even if it’s only about 5 hours, it will be easy to create your own time schedule in order to make all the necessary deeds and even have time for good quality sleep. Read here how to have a good sleep in a short time. And this good quality sleep will help sleep deprived moms to relax and not worry about the baby for some time.

Besides, keeping the day routine will help you to become more organized. From this point it means you will have no need to drink coffee in incredible amount that harm the sleep and its quality. And with the meals regime you avoid overeating. In a word – you become more healthy and effective.

Sleep deprived moms can create the day routine timetable that is convenient for her and make their baby accustomed to it. Because from a medical point of view, there is no “right” regime. But that will mark the time intended exactly for sleep and help to avoid mom’s sleep deprivation.

Obviously, creating and getting baby accustomed to it is not an easy thing. And children’s unlikely biorhythms that don’t always match mother’s ones make the problem even more complicated. Fortunately, there are things that can help sleep deprived moms to get over it, feel better and look more fresh, even with few hours allotted for the rest.

Common advice for sleep deprived moms

Things that can hepl sleep deprived moms to feel and look better:

washing with cool water

contrast shower

evening walks before bedtime

sports (even with a child in her arms, you can perform several invigorating exercise)

nearest’s help. Sometimes grannies and fathers can take responsibility of child care.


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