How to lose weight after childbirth. My small victory and the 2 simple things that changed everything

Pregnancy, no matter how many positive aspects it brings, in terms of excess weight only exacerbates the problem. Therefore, it seems, the question of how to lose weight after childbirth will always be relevant.

All women are different, and you cannot predict how many extra pounds you will gain during pregnancy. I know a girl who was incredibly thin although has good appetite, but during pregnancy got not only cute cheeks and round belly, but obviously the extra weight on her haunches. At the time, I was very surprised.

It is the way women are arranged, they tend to gain weight more than men. And I think it’s really unfair, given the fact that we much more want to be beautiful and have graceful silhouettes. Don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions everywhere, and I’m only talking about what surrounds me in general.

I have never been thin, I was just normal, so it is not surprising that during pregnancy gained extra weight. And for me, the question of how to lose weight after childbirth, was as relevant as for no one. But I didn’t know what to do with it. Of course, I had lost some weight during the first half of the year, but still weighed more than wanted. And I had absolutely no forces to limit myself and to go to the gym. Plus, before I was pregnant, I had countless attempts to lose weight. Mostly unsuccessful.

In general, I was desperate and even cried. But a miracle happened! Leaving attempts to lose weight after childbirth and ceasing to hate my body, I lost weight! Doing nothing for it. Today I want to tell you about it – how I managed to lose weight after childbirth without suffering.

Stop trying to lose weight after childbirth

After I decided that all these attempts to lose weight after childbirth are meaningless and always end in nothing, I decided to stop trying. Work on self-acceptance “here and now” began. However, there were still health problems and poor health. I decided to focus on them.

That is, first of all, I decided to regain my good health. And what is equally important – to stop overeating. In general, if there are health problems, you should go to the doctor to improve your health. Perhaps, having some diseases cured, you will return the body to normal functioning, and lose even more weight. But I wasn’t up to it then, so I started with smaller things.

Regular meals

regular meals to lose weight after childbirth

Perhaps, this has the primary importance.

The fact that I can’t eat anything in the morning, because I don’t want to, hardly need to change. I don’t think skipping breakfast is much worse than shoving food into yourself having no appetite. But the fact that I had breakfast at lunch time, and all next meals shifted, is inexcusable.

All this led to the fact that the dinner was dense and at 12 am. And it was hard for me to sleep, and the sleep was restless, I didn’t get enough good sleep. In the morning I did not want to eat because the last meal was dense. And it happened again and again every day.

In addition, caring a child, it is sometimes difficult to find time to eat. Or moms like me trying to convince ourselves on this.

Large intervals between meals and skipping meals do not help to lose weight after childbirth. This only increases the risk of overeating, diet disruptions. We begin to be less choosy about what we eat. If you’re hungry, you can eat anything. And the body enters a state of stress and begins to accumulate fat. In a word – nothing good.

Realizing my problem, I decided that from now I would eat according to the schedule, whatever happens. Among other things, it also disciplines. Since then, even if I’m not hungry, I eat at meal time, at least an apple.


water helps to lose weight after childbirth

Sleep – coffee – water. These three things are closely related to each other. We all know how important normal sleep is for well-being. But it is not always available, especially for mothers.

As soon as I finished breastfeeding, I literally started living on coffee. I was desperately short of sleep. Although now I can’t even remember, what I did to be constantly so busy.

In addition to the fact that this is a vicious circle – coffee is bad for sleep – lack of sleep – more coffee, as a result I began to drink little water, it was replaced by the invigorating drink. But since I realized how water is important for health, I do and I will repeat always and everywhere – drink water!

Seriously, drinking more water has become the second item on my list – “how to feel better” that also has helped to lose weight after childbirth. And that paid off. It’s amazing how the simple rule of drinking 8 glasses of water a day has improved my condition. Although frankly speaking, the first few days I barely managed to drink 6 ones. But in the end, I not only improved my health, but also lost weight after childbirth!

Sometimes it seems that everything is hopeless, and life is difficult and unfair. Actually, we’re just banging on the wrong door. Shifting the focus from the victims in the name of the body shape to the state of health, I managed to lose weight after childbirth.

Having changed these two things in my life, I could lose weight after childbirth – 5 kg! Without experiencing hunger. And more importantly, I really began to feel better – which was the original goal. I feel much better.

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