Can women drink coffee during pregnancy?

Coffee, as the most popular drink, overtaken only by water, is loved by many women. Female all over the world are used to drinking the fragrant drink both in the morning, to wake up and have a positive day beginning, and through the rest of the day. But there is a moment in life when arises the question whether it is still possible to drink coffee during pregnancy.

What happens when you drink too much caffeine during pregnancy

How caffeine affects pregnant woman

coffee affect pregnant women - caffeine during pregnancy

Caffeine affects heart and nervous systems during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman is affected a lot by the hormones and their changes. That makes her mood rather uncertain. Pregnant women start to take things close to the heart and not always able to cope with their emotions and thoughts. This is a great psychological burden. And caffeine during pregnancy in its turn, with his influence on nervous and cardiovascular systems, increases it even more. After drinking coffee during pregnancy future mom can over-react impulsively to events, be too worried and nervous. They already active hormones are raging and increasing surge in blood and adrenaline. Such experiences are absolutely unnecessary for the woman and her child.

What more, there was a study of the caffeine influence on the body of pregnant women in England. And it turned out that even with constant consumption of caffee during pregnancy in the same amount as they used to, caffeine amount in the blood increased during pregnancy. And the number is quite big – up to 75%! This means that if you didn’t start to drink more caffee during pregnancy, its concentration in the blood increases anyway. It is so, because its excretion from the body has become slower.

Nutrients digestibility and caffeine during pregnancy

Coffee prevents the absorption of some elements by the body. Coffee during pregnancy negates all the benefits of mineral supplements. Micronutrients are simply not absorbed.

caffeine affects pregnant woman - coffee while pregnancy

During the period of bearing a child, a first time mom needs larger doses of iron. It is necessary both for her and the baby. But caffeine during pregnancy prevents its absorption. If this element in the body is not enough, there is anemia.

A pregnant woman also needs calcium, especially during the development of fetal bone tissue (second trimester). Lack of calcium can lead to convulsions and the baby’s bones fragility. Coffee stimulates the rapid excretion of the useful element from the body.

This is significantly conditioned by the fact that caffeine is a diuretic. It can lead to dehydration which can be really dangerous during pregnancy.

How caffeine affects fetus

The placenta can not protect the child from the negative effects of caffeine as well as of nicotine. Caffeine during pregnancy easily enters the bloodstream of the fetus. His body is not yet able to metabolize this substance effectively. According to some scientists, caffeine entering the body of the fetus accumulates in it. It’s not so bad if a pregnant woman drinks coffee from time to time. But if the dose of caffeine is high the baby is affected a lot.

A large amount of caffeine in the body can become an obstacle to normal childbearing and significantly increase the risk of spontaneous abortion, especially in the early stages.


caffeine affects pregnant woman - coffee while pregnancy

The children whose mothers who did not limit the consumption of coffee during pregnancy, are crying the first few days because of problems with sleep. Caffeine during pregnancy affects the central nervous system of babies, and after birth they are characterized by increased excitability.

The common know fact is that drinking coffee during pregnancy makes the future baby’s weight less. Experts estimate, that every 100 mg of caffeine per day, consumed by the mother, make her 3.5 kg expected child weight 20-30 gr less. The Same portion of caffeine increases the gestation period by an average of five hours.

How to drink caffeine during pregnancy

Is it bad to drink coffee during pregnancy

Not actually always. There are some women who can and should drink it. This applies to those who have low blood pressure and hardly wakes up in the morning. This improves their health and normalize blood pressure.

But in general, of course it is better to refuse the consumption of coffee during pregnancy.

Besides, there are women who are prone to hypertension (high blood pressure), caffeine is strictly contraindicated. Caffeine is also prohibited while having glaucoma, sleep disorders and increased intracranial pressure.

how to drink coffee while pregnancy

Recommend caffeine limit during pregnancy

If future mother is sure she has no contraindications she can afford herself some coffee. But it definitely can not be a rich black drink. She also needs to reduce the number of cups drunk per day to 1-2.

Scientists from different countries are conducting research to determine whether pregnant women can drink coffee, and if can, so how much. Now the maximum allowable rate of caffeine during pregnancy according to the WHO is 300 mg per day. But it is worth remembering the statement of Danish scientists that 200 mg of caffeine per day increases the risk of a miscarriage in 2 times.

How to reduce caffeine bad effect

Well at first, coffee is better to drink not with an empty stomach. And secondly, it should be light caffeine. Thirdly it’s better to add some milk. It reduces calcium loss when drinking coffee. But, despite the fact that the doctors even recommend drinking coffee to women with low blood pressure, it must be remembered that it is as harmful as without milk. Because milk does not neutralize caffeine effect from this point. Not least important to drink more water to avoid dehydration. It also decreases the caffeine effect of increasing blood pressure.

Replacement coffee during pregnancy

The best option is decaffeinated coffee during pregnancy. Especially for those who like coffee for its taste and can deceive herself with alike natural drinks. It does not increase the pressure and does not cause excitation of the nervous system.

replace coffee during pregnancy decaffeined

But decaffeinated coffee during pregnancy is not a panacea. Pregnant women shouldn’t drink it in endless amount. They should remember that it is impossible to absolutely get rid of caffeine in coffee. And a certain amount get into the blood anyway. Besides, to extract caffeine from the production they use a variety of solvents that are harmful to the body. In addition, both decafeinned and regular coffee contains harmful substances such as tannin, alkaloids, organic acids, etc.

It might be surprising that tea can’t replace coffee during pregnancy. Because it contains practically as much caffeine as coffee does. But there is a variety of other natural drinks that can substitute coffee in a pregnant woman menu:

Fresh juice – pomegranate and orange juices are well toned without harm to the body of a pregnant woman and her child.

replace coffee during pregnancy

“Kurzeme” – coffee drink from chicory and cereals (barley, rye, oats). It has a restorative effect, increases appetite, improves the kidneys and cardiovascular system. Recommended for use in pregnancy. It can be consumed with milk and juices.

Chicory – a good alternative to coffee during pregnancy can be a drink from the root of chicory. It is not contraindicated in pregnancy, and it has a number of useful properties.

Barley drink – it only slightly resembles coffee during pregnancy, but its composition is rich in nutrients, and it has no contraindications.

Kiprey – it does not contain caffeine. In addition, the drink copes well with the prevention of edema. Contains vitamins C, P and B, manganese, copper and iron. Removes toxins and slags. Folk medicine recommends it with the threat of miscarriage.

Herbal teas – Melissa, mint, nettle, dandelion, currant and raspberry leaf. Tea from these herbs and leaves will have a beneficial effect on the body.

replace coffee during pregnancy

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