Can first time moms drink coffee while breastfeeding

During the period of breastfeeding the child, the woman should pay serious attention to her diet. Because through the milk all that is contained in the products enter the newborn baby body. There is no definite answer to the question whether it is possible to drink coffee while breastfeeding. Because it is necessary to take into account many nuances. So discussions on this issue do not end on the Internet, blogs, forums and social networks for many years. And no matter what opinion do you personally agree, it is necessary to know what is the danger for a baby about it and how to avoid possible problems.

Risks about coffee when breastfeeding

The restriction of coffee and caffeine contained products appears while pregnancy. As it has some negative effect both on mother and her child.  Young children can not metabolise this component. Because, as you know, their digestive system is far from perfect. Thus according to the common opinion coffee while breastfeeding are strictly contraindicated if the baby is less than a week.

how long does caffeine stay in the milk when drink coffee while breastfeeding


Then, when it is can not do a lot of harm to a baby, coffee can be drunk in very small doses. Because up to a year babies still can neither assimilate nor withdraw caffeine from their body. It gradually accumulates and causes disorders of the nervous system. And the nervous system of the child is only now being formed! We, adults, get rid of it in just a few hours. But for the newborn babies the same amount will be enough for weeks.

If you decide to drink coffee, it should be remembered that the maximum level of caffeine in the milk becomes an hour after the drinking. Pumping will not bring results. As long as caffeine is not removed from the mother’s body, part of it will get into the milk. And this takes an adult on average up to 5 hours.

Coffee is an allergen

First thing that first time moms worry about coffee when breastfeeding, is that it is a strong allergen. But it should be remembered that allergen reaction is always very individual and depends on many factors. Thus, for example, if a woman did not limit herself in coffee consumption during pregnancy, most likely the baby will normally tolerate caffeine. But don’t rush to conclusions. Large amounts of coffee during pregnancy is not a good idea. Read here about it.

So, to determine whether it is possible to drink coffee, first time mom should carefully test whether there is a bad reaction. Try a cup of the drink and see how the newborn baby’s body will react. In case of any allergic reaction consumption of coffee while brestfeeding certainly can not be continued. Remember, there is nothing wrong or bad, as many mothers have to do this. If the negative reaction the has not appeared, first time mom can drink coffee while breastfeeding. However, anyway only moderate consumption is acceptable.

Nervous excitability and bad sleeping

coffee while breastfeeding diet

During the period of child breastfeeding the milk with a large amount of caffeine may increase the baby’s nervous excitability. There can appear anxiety and uneasiness. The baby can have problems with sleep and with calmness in general. The result is that the child sleeps bad, cries a lot and loses strength as well as all the other members of the family including the mom.

But this is also not in each particular case. Very often without overuse of the drink, it doesn’t affect the baby. Sometimes the problems do not appear at all, and this way the first time mom can be allowed to have a cup of coffee.

How to drink coffee while breastfeeding

If the first time mom does not able to say coffee definite “no”, it is useful to take note of some rules. They will help to minimize the consequences of the “caffeined” milk. But even this is only in case there is no negative reaction has appeared while the test cup.

Drink only hand-brewed coffee. The beans should be only of high quality.

how to drink coffee while breastfeeding

Drinking coffee while breastfeeding should be in moderate amounts. Specialists do not recommend to drink more than three cups.

Remember about the time that is necessary to remove the caffeine from the body when you are going to feed the baby. As it was said above maximal caffeine concentration in the milk is an hour after the intake, so it’s not the good time for the baby breastfeeding.

If your drink coffee cut the amount of other caffeine-contain product. They are chocolate, coke, cocoa and even tea. Especially green tea that has almost the equal caffeine amount as coffee. See here the most complete list of products and their caffeine volume.

Be sure you have food that gives enough calcium (curd, yogurt, cheese) and increase its consumption if necessary. Because coffee helps to eliminate it from the body. Always add milk or fat cream to the coffee. It decrease the negative effects in some way both for the child and the mom.

Do not forget to drink an extra glass of clean water for each cup of coffee. As caffeine causes dehydration, which is a really bad thing for,  especially for a breastfeeding mother.

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