What being a mom feels like? Things that come after childbirth

Have you got children? Or are you just getting ready for being a mom and are tormented by doubts whether you will cope, and whether you need it? Of course, childbirth is a very important step and mothers would like to know for sure what awaits them to avoid wrong decisions. We can only rely on the experience of other mothers. Although their opinions are subjective and very different, and you more likely you will make your own opinion, it is helpful to know someone else’s view of what being a mom is like.

what being a mom feels like

What fears motherhood brings

First of all being a mom you need to be ready for the following amazing facts:

  • If you are worried about suffering from sleep deprivation while being a mom – do not. This is the smallest of the motherhood problems. It will be easy to find strength to stay awake, much easier than courage it takes not to run away from home and leave it all.
  • If you are worried that you will not be able to love your child – do not worry, you will love for sure, it is provided by nature.
  • Does the thoughts of delivery make you sweat? You can’t imagine how it is – a man will come out of you? Don’t worry, nature is really smart and everything is provided for the successful course of the process. In addition, you will not be alone, but surrounded by medical professionals. For more peace of mind, choose a doctor you trust 100%.
  • The next item is quite sensitive to nulliparous. Are you afraid that the bowel will be emptied during childbirth? Don’t worry about it. As usual the procedure of forced bowel evacuation is carried out just before giving birth, exactly for preventing the occasions during childbirth. But even if it happens to you for some reason, believe me, from the moment of your first uterine contraction and throughout the process it will bother you the least. And for the next two months of you motherhood. Or three. Or decades.
  • Are you worried that your relationship with husband will not be as before? It’s hard to speak for other people, but believe, it’s not so bad. Even if the relationship change during your motherhood, who said it would be a bad change? After all, you have chosen the man as your husband and father for your child for some reason, right?
  • Do not know what to do when your neighbor, angry about the six-hour child cry, appear on the threshold at two o’clock in the morning? Make surprised eyes and genuinely ask him, “Really? Is my baby crying that much? And you can hear him through three floors? Unbelievable! I didn’t hear anything…” In the end, the promise that the baby will cry quiet – not much truer.
  • And if you’re wondering how all the other moms survived it … imagine that your beloved man smiles and invites you on a date. He’s such a rich, handsome, sexy and very smart guy that you’ve been crazy about for years. Now, multiply that feeling by a trillion and you get what moms feel when their baby first smiles at them. In general, it’s worth it!

what its like being a mom

What first time mom face with right after pregancy

Many women recognize that the beginning of motherhood, especially after the birth of the first child, is a crazy and difficult time. Everything changes in a moment. Only a minute ago the woman was surrounded by attention of the family, doctor, nurse. Now she becomes the protector of the tiny baby and give attention. Perhaps for the first time in her life she sees and holds a newborn in her arms and having no experience doesn’t know what to do. No wonder she’s nervous of motherhood.

At the same time, there is a changes in mood associated with a hormonal storm that occurs in the woman’s body after pregnancy. Often tears flow like a river, instead of joy – sadness, instead of surprise – fear and doubt. Why!? After all, the baby was welcome! Everything is different than expected. Fears of failing and endless reproaches the mother-in-law, misunderstanding of the husband…Add some sleepless nights and a cocktail that will knock out the working condition is ready.

Scared? Just know that many mothers successfully cope with it. Aren’t they heroes? If they can, so can you!

What being a mom is like

Being a mom is stressful. Every night check whether the child is breathing correctly, panic when climbing the highest ladder on the playground, nervousness when the first cough, anxiety when the tummy hurts when crying does not stop. Even those who know that these are unnecessary fears, and they only interfere, can’t always overcome them.

Being a mom is a constant laugh. Reading funny children’s books, cartoons, foolery, playing clown, toys, jokes, infectious laughter of the child every day.

Being a mom is a practice of patience. This applies to almost everything. Like a long wait for the baby to say the first word, take the first step, eat his first carrot. So it is about more short-term things (although it sometimes seems lasting forever) – when you have to wait for the child to put on shoes and tie the laces himself, while he tells you the fascinating story of traveling around the room or finish answering the question. And something else – patient listening to all these “wise advice” of people who “know better.”

Being a mother is a necessity to make difficult decisions – when to enlarge the list of products and what to give, how many times a year to vaccinate, how many sweets can be allowed, when to send to kindergarten.

what being a mom takes

Being a mom means being creative. Invent games, toys, entertain. Create conditions for proper development, look for interesting activities, motivation to learn.

Being a mom means learning to say «no» all the time. When on a frosty day a child insists on buying ice cream, when he does not want to stop having fun and returns home, when he wants to jump until midnight, but he has to go to bed.

Being a mom means learning to say “yes”. During motherhood you need to go beyond your comfort zone and let your child jump into a puddle, paste stickers on сabinet or climb the highest ladder.

Being a mom is about constant discovering what love is. You and your husband may have the best relationship, but it’s never like the child’s love. Child loves wholeheartedly, unconditionally and completely with all his soul.It is the most fabulous life experience and beautiful response to the love we give him.

A child can cause in a parent such strong, crazy, unprecedented feeling of love that is difficult to describe in any words.  And at such moments when you three with the husband and the child hug, spend time together – it fills all the family with such love that the rest of the world can’t exist. And then you will understand how great it is to be just mom, just wife.

benefits of being a mom

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