What is a pregnant woman afraid of? 4 strongest fears

Pregnancy is a time full of joy as well as concern for the health of the child. What is a pregnant woman afraid of? Miscarriage, illness, problems with hereditary symptoms? It is natural that you are going through, but you should carefully read the statistics in order to minimize fear. It turns out that the risk of miscarriage, genetic defects or other diseases is really small.

Most pregnant women are constantly worried about themselves and their child: is the child developing well, is I at risk for diabetes, malnutrition, genetic defects, cholestasis, etc. Instead of being nervous unnecessarily, you should take a closer look at the situation. Most often, future mothers are afraid of these diseases in vain. If we know the statistics, it turns out that the risk of problems for a healthy woman during pregnancy is really small and does not justify the great concern of most future moms.

What is a pregnant woman afraid of?

Let’s analyze the most popular fears that a pregnant woman is afraid of. Many moms are very afraid for the health of their babies. Now you will calm down and realize that most diseases and genetic defects are only rare exceptions that bypass healthy and responsible women!

Below you will find a few words about the most popular fears of pregnant women and the percentage risk of their appearance. Get to know them and calm down – for your own good and for the sake of your baby.

Birth defects (they relate to 3-5% of pregnancies)Birth defects

Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, spina bifida and others are genetic congenital malformations that can be detected already at the stage of pregnancy. The probability of their occurrence is only a few percent. This means that 95-97 children out of 100 are healthy! Of course, the statistics are worse when a woman is ill, for example, she has diabetes, epilepsy, obesity, her family has genetic problems. The risk also increases with age. The probability that a 20-year-old young mother will give birth to a child with Down syndrome is about 0.06 percent, and in the case of a 40-year-old woman, it is already 0.2 percent. However, it is still very small. Therefore, what a pregnant woman is afraid of is only rare cases that are more dependent on genetics!

Some diseases can be treated inside the uterus

It is also worth remembering that many congenital anomalies, for example, myelomeningocele, some heart or urine defects, can be operated and treated even inside the uterus, that is, during pregnancy.

Miscarriage – the main threat that a pregnant woman is afraid of (they concern 10-12% of pregnancies)

When you listen to the stories of your friends and browse the Internet forums, it seems to you that most women have a miscarriage. Meanwhile, in real terms, the risk is 10-12 percent. These statistics apply to women younger than 35 years old (the likelihood of older people increases by 18%). What a pregnant woman is afraid of happens for various reasons. For example, physical damage or health problems. If you comply with the rest mode in the maternal optic, then the baby will be born!

It should be remembered that most abortions occur at an early stage of pregnancy (many women don’t even know about them, because the embryos containing genetic errors spontaneously get lost within a few days after fertilization). The risk of pregnancy loss is significantly reduced after 6-7 weeks after conception and is only 5%.

Early birth (they relate to 10-15% of pregnancies)

This is the most common problem for expectant mothers, which in itself is not a disorder, but a symptom of a more serious disease, for example, carotid and cervical insufficiency, hormonal disorders, or intrauterine infections.

We are talking about preterm birth, when a baby is born between the 22nd 37th week of pregnancy. Experts, however, emphasize that 70 percent of such births occur after the 34th week, which significantly increases the chances of child survival and reduces the risk of health problems associated with prematurity, and this is very good news! Gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, gingivitis and multiple pregnancies are mentioned among the risk factors affecting the likelihood of delivery before the date.

Unplanned cesarean section (concerns 10-15% of pregnancies)

In fact, many women undergo a caesarean section. But! Such an operation is performed at the request of the woman. Many moms are afraid of severe pain. They are afraid of having to lie for several hours and endure the hellish torments. They are also afraid of complications that may arise when removing a child. Now the Cesarean section is under the supervision of competent specialists, modern technology is used in the operation. Nothing threatens the health of the mother and baby. In vain the pregnant woman is afraid.

Excessive obesity (concerns 40% of pregnancies)

Studies in the United States say that excessive weight gain during pregnancy is seen in 41%. women.

The recommended weight gain during pregnancy depends on the initial weight of the expectant mother (the less she weighed before the pregnancy, the more she can gain weight), but on average, doctors recommend a pregnant woman to gain from 8 to 16 kg. Therefore, if you are afraid of getting too much fat, take care of a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, without an excess of simple carbohydrates and physical activity that will ensure proper weight gain during nine months of pregnancy.

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