What are some methods for toilet training before age of two? Tips for potty trainings.

potty Otherwise, when the child does not understand why this new object is needed and considers it as another toy, he will not learn to consciously use the toilet. At first the child can be able to sphincter control and realizes when he wants to pee and poop. Only then he should be taught how to meet the needs.

Age to start potty training

According to pediatricians, the child begins to realize the needs by the time they are 2 years. This is when the nervous system develops. And child psychologist do not recommend accustoming the child to the potty before that time. The most suitable age to learn it is considered to be the period from 18 to 24 months.

mom and child potty training

But it must be remembered that every kid is different.  Therefore, some are ready to use the potty at the age of a year and a half, when others can delay this up to three years. Also, boys are usually taught later than girls. Restless, excitable kids also start doing it a little later. And as in any bringing up issue, a mom should not take the age when the neighbor’s baby, who cheerfully runs to the toilet, throwing off his pants on the move as the right sample. She needs to look at the behavior of your child and develop together on their own way. And if there are some doubts, the specialist must be visited.

Potty training attempts before this age of 18 months can be completely unsuccessful. And that’s normal. Of course, there are parents who managed to accustom the baby to the potty at a very early age. But most often the baby of this age does it unconsciously, and this is not good. Because the child can later suddenly “unlearn”.

Methods for potty training

There are different ways of potty training. In the article we review two of them. But no matter which one you want to choose, there are some common recommendations.

Don’t insist on the potty too hard on the first day. Explain to the kid that being wet and dirty is bad, dry and clean – good.

It is necessary to praise the baby, if the potty training brings results. Positive emotions will help to consolidate the learning. When attempts are not successful do not curse.

Put the child on the potty after eating and sleeping. This way the certain regime will gradually develop.

Make your child feel adult and independent.

Teach children to say about their needs.

If the child negatively reacts, it is better to make one more attempt a little later.

While the skill is being formed, the potty should lie at hand. So that it can be quickly used if necessary.

3-day potty training

potty training mrthods

Quick potty training does not mean that the baby immediately and forever learns to meet his needs without difficulties. But this will help to realize the need to visit the toilet in short time.

Mom should explain the purpose of the potty and the toilet.

Day one. All the day baby should be without diapers. Instead, he can wear panties or be allowed to run around naked. Mother has to carefully monitor the baby and as soon as sees that the baby is going to pee, just bring the potty. And so the baby saw the connection between the need and the potty.

Don’t forget about praising in case of success and specific explanation of his actions. Failures should be left without attention, so as not to form a negative association.

Day two. This day, you’ll have to look after the baby and try to put him on the potty in time. In addition, you can go for a walk, but without the usual diaper. But before, take the child to the potty, and plan a walk so that it was possible to quickly return home.

Remember that it is necessary to praise the baby.

Day three. Today it is already possible to go for a walk twice. Now the kid needs to learn to restrain. Be sure to visit the potty before and after a walk, before sleep and after waking up.

Three active and difficult days will help the child to adapt to the potty and even make the first attempts to sit down himself. These days you need to pick up such clothes that can be easily removed.

7-day potty training

successful potty training

This is the special one-week system invented by the British, former nurse Gina Ford. It is for kids of one and a half years, who can understand the simple instructions and follow them.

The first day morning starts with removing the diaper and putting on the pot. If not all is done at once, repeat the process every quarter of an hour. The purpose now is to keep the baby on the potty for 10 minutes. This time should be enough to meet all his needs. If the pants get dirty, it is necessary to be patient and, in any case, not to scold.

Day two of potty training is necessary to consolidate the skill. But you need to be careful and to put the potty in time.

The third day continues the chosen method. You need to forget about diapers even when walking, so there was no desire to urinate in them. Before street put the baby on the potty of course. Ask periodically if he wants to go to the bathroom.

By the fourth day, many children already able to visit the potty themselves. Only sometimes it is necessary to remind about necessity to go to the toilet.

Praise the child more often, but never scold for misstep. And so until the end of the week. Later, the potty is put in the toilet or bath and the baby go there.

Mistakes and reasons of fails


In the process of potty training, the child does not always reach his toilet. It could last for months. There are some reasons for it:

It can be one of the elements of unconscious reaction to the world around us, for example, a protest or rebel against things he doesn’t like but can’t affect directly.

Negative experiences with potty. For example, the mother put him on and its surface was cold and unpleasant.

Potty is associated with suffering. For example, when the baby was suffering from constipation.

Or a child is just too engaged with games.

tips for potty training

Potty training tips

Many first-time moms have a question to teach the boy to pee standing or sitting. The boy’s potty training should begin with sitting down. It is so because in young children urination often occurs along with defecation. Only after the baby learns to clearly delineate these impulses, then you can show that he can pee standing up.

Any child wants to become an adult as soon as possible and to be like mom and dad. This can and should be used, but, of course, in moderation. For example, you can show your child children’s underwear and explain that it is for grownup children who do not pee in pants. The child will probably want to try on a little thing “for growups”.

Children’s potty must be “the most beautiful”. How to choose and buy a potty? Do this with your baby before potty training either in the store or online at home. Keep in mind that the baby will like the pot with his favorite characters, heroes, animals.

Let the child to choose a place for toilet. First time do not force to put the potty only in the toilet or in the bathroom.

Do not forbid him to take food or toys and books when he wants to sit on the potty.

During the potty training period the child should be dressed in clothes that he could easily take off himself.

Ask the child to signal when he wants to use the toilet.

Praise for correct actions. But never make the child by force, shouting or stringent requirements to go to the toilet.

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