Can parents sleep with babies in the same bed?

Sleep of a child is an important condition for the proper development and preservation of baby’s health. Newborns spend most of the day in a state of sleep because of their weakness and inability to interact with the outside world. In addition, at this time the child is actively growing.

Many mothers ask the question: “Can parents sleep with babies in the same bed?” Now the opinions of many experts and researchers vary greatly due to the large number of positive qualities of joint sleep and strong risks.

Why parents can sleep with babies in the same bed:

Convenience for parents

Newborns in the first months of life often wake up at night because of hunger or anxiety. If the child sleeps in a separate room or bed, the mother or father will often have to get up to calm or feed the baby. It can quickly exhaust any person physically and mentally. When sleeping together, parents will be able to instantly calm the child: mom and dad don’t have to get up to feed or rock.

The child feels a sense of security

Newborns are already accustomed to the rhythm of their mother’s heart and breath. For this reason, when children sleep next to their mother, they sleep much more calmly. This greatly improves their mental health.

Parents experience psychological comfort

Dad and mom are less worried about their child, they lose the state of anxiety and normalizes the physical state of the body.

Alignment of thermoregulation of the child

Newborns are still poorly developed thermoregulation, which is why parents often have to look at the state of the child in different clothes. When the baby sleeps next to his parents, he just gets the right amount of heat or coolness.

the child sleeps under a blanket with a rabbit in his hand

Tactile contacts between parents and children

Children are in need of constant tactile communication with their mom and dad. Thanks to the joint sleep, the child can always hug or stroke to eliminate his feeling of anxiety.

Children’s nightmares and fears are easier to bear next to their parents

Kids who sleep next to mom and dad are much less likely to suffer from nightmares, fear of the dark and other fears.


Why parents can’t sleep with babies in the same bed:

Children need personal space

In order to properly develop a child, it is necessary to remember about his independence. When children sleep separately from their parents, in their own bed, they adapt to autonomy. In addition, many psychologists say that even babies need to be alone for his normal development of personality.

Dependence of children for the parents

Children are strongly attached to their parents. This attachment becomes very strong when the child sleeps with his parents in the same bed. Baby is experiencing a lot of stress and tantrums when separated from mom and dad, even for 10 minutes.

Sleeping with parents can become a habit

If a child sleeps with his parents in the same bed all the time, it becomes his habit. Such children categorically refuse to sleep in a separate bed when they grow up.

Parents can cause injury to a child while sleeping together

Many people dream to change the position of his body. There are cases when parents, turned over in a dream, pressed down children or beat them with a hand. This resulted in injury or even strangulation of the child.

parents sleep with a baby in the center, it is a dangerous situation of the child

The deterioration of relations between the spouses

Because of the joint sleep with the child parents cannot spend time alone. The absence of sexual relations in the family leads to a deterioration in the relationship between a man and a woman. Sometimes this problem can lead to divorce.

General hygiene during sleep

Newborns and young children can often pee during sleep. This problem would not be so critical if the child slept separately. It is much more difficult to cope with a wet spot on the huge double bed of parents.

Should parents sleep with their children? Everybody decides for himself. You need to focus on the personal comfort and safety of the child.

It’s security that plays a big role here:

  • Don’t put the child to sleep between parents. This is due to the fact that any of the parents is able to roll over and crush the child with his body. This leads to severe injuries, fractures or suffocation. Even the maternal instinct does not always help to feel that the baby is in trouble.
  • Don’t put the child between the parent and the wall. When moving in a dream, you can press the child to the wall and cause him physical harm;
  • When parents put the child near the edge of the bed, it is better to lay the baby a separate sheet and form sides of blankets and pillows. That way the baby won’t fall off the bed. Do not put too many pillows, they are also dangerous for newborns.

If you are afraid to sleep with the child in the same bed, but want him to be there, it is best to put in the parent’s bedroom crib. So your baby will always be there and under your supervision. You don’t have to go far to feed or comfort a newborn.

the child sleeps in the bed in the parents ' bedroom

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