How to easily get a newborn on a baby schedule

Taking care for newborns is not so easy. But if you teach them to sleep and eat according to daily regime, you can greatly simplify the task. Besides, baby schedule has an impact on the well-being, development and mood of the baby.

First time moms have always interested the question of accustoming the child to the regime. Because it is rare, when a newborn baby immediately after the birth start regular keeping his baby schedule. Of course, the babies’ biorhythms should be taking into account, but moms should not sacrifice themselves too. Because a baby is a complete person, who has come to the world for studying and his own experience, that not always meets his interests. That is why a compromise should be found out.

Why does the baby schedule is necessary?

The question is constantly discussed by mothers and child psychologists. There are many opinions. Some people believe that until the moment when the child goes to kindergarten, you can not worry about the regime. Others think a baby should be allowed to eat and sleep when he wants and as much as he wants. There are also those, who state that the little man needs to be in a certain “framework” almost from the birth.

why is it nessesary to get baby into daily routine

Of course only mother can decide what way of bringing up to choose. Only she knows what’s better for her child, while he doesn’t realize the needs himself. But getting the child on a certain baby schedule has its advantages.

At first, baby schedule is necessary for a healthy mental and physical development of the newborn. The child’s body adapts to a certain time of meal and sleep so, that and all the organs and systems function cohesively.

Later being accustomed to a daily routine children becomes more disciplined. If the child is used to living according to the regime, the parents do not need to constantly give instruction or remind them what to do.

And also it allows the first time mom to relax and do all the household activity quietly, without the fuss.

When should first-time mom get the baby into a daily routine?

First time moms should know, that children quickly get used to a certain baby schedule. Over time it will be much more difficult to get the baby into a daily routine. Therefore, baby schedule establishing should not be postponed for a long time.

Experts say that babies that were born on time and without any deviations in development can be getting used to a certain baby schedule of sleep and feeding from two months.

How do get the baby into a daily routine?

Accustoming the child to baby schedule can be difficult. First time moms should start slowly to establish a time frame for the baby. See his mood and health condition. The process should be gradual. Do not worry if the first time you will not success, a child needs a few weeks to get used to.

To get the baby into a daily routine start with watching him and recording his natural daily activities. To do this, buy a notebook or download the application, which is now a lot. Record time, kind of activity and notes, if there are any.

Try to find out if there are patterns in the sleep and nutrition. If you notice that your child needs to change a diaper or he becomes capricious at a certain time of the day, you can include it in your schedule.


watch the child actions throughout th eday to make baby schedule

Next, make a schedule according to the biorhythms of the child. Later this will help you to adjust and make a new baby schedule. It also allows to plan your day according to the needs of your baby.

Now you can start the changings. The baby schedule can be different. But you must ensure that the daily schedule enough feeding, sleep and walks. And all of it is in defined time. The child must learn that these rituals will be every day. Is it cold? We go out for 5 minutes, but we go out. Don’t feel like sleeping after dinner? Well, just lie down, read a book, tell a story. Just do not do anything through force – try to interest the child, use small innocent tricks. Over time, the child will want to brush the teeth before breakfast, and while preparing for a walk will choose shoes that he prefers to wear.

How to get the child accustomed to the bedtime baby schedule?

The baby learns to fall asleep in the place where you put him. If he gets used to falling asleep in your arms or in your bed, then later he will be able to sleep only there. So to get the baby used to sleeping in his crib, put him there when he became sleepy but not yet asleep.

Day and night sleep should be distinguished in order to accustom the child to the baby schedule. You can do this by putting your child to sleep in a room with bright lighting during the day and in a dark room at night.

It is better when the baby morning began at the same time every day. No matter what day it is. If there is already the wake up time and the baby still sleeping, then you should get him up. Use hugs, kisses and toys to make the day start pleasant and easy for a sleepy baby.  The child usually enthusiastically picks up the idea to do the routine things in a form of games.


hug to get the baby into a daily routine

Once the baby is awake, replace the diapers and put the clothes on. Then feed him and play, the baby needs attention and love. Talk to him, sing song, hug. He will enjoy your smell, voice and intimacy.

After that, put the child in the bed, let him sleep. Do this as soon as you notice signs of fatigue, such as your baby yawning, irritated, crying, rubbing his nose.

Let the baby sleep the time according to your suggested schedule. But don’t expect him to follow it from the first time. More likely he will wake up after 2-3 hours. Don’t be afraid to make noise when the baby sleeps during the day — he has to get used to it. Leave the radio on, vacuum and talk as usual.

Repeat all this throughout the day.

To make the child accustomed to the bedtime baby schedule you should generally cut the number of times when you come to the baby at night. Babies not always wake up at night from because they hungry. One of the reasons is the sleep cycle changes. So let the baby learn to fall asleep himself. That is really important to get the baby into a daily routine.

Sometimes a baby can’t sleep because he’s used to the arms or the chest. That’s the problem. And it can be solved by waiting until the child falls asleep himself even if he cries. With time he will easily and quickly calm down by himself and fall asleep till it’s morning.

bedtime baby schedule - how to easile get the baby into a daily routine

What for more grown babies, special attention should be paid to the evening bedtime routine. This is an important part of the children’s regime. Children often resist when their mothers try to put them to bed. And of course, there are so many interesting things, how is it possible to go to bed?! But you must be adamant. Invite your child to watch a short cartoon before going to bed, let him take favourite toy to bed. The child should learn the main thing: now it’s time for him to sleep.

Of course, there will be deviations from the regim. For example when the kid is sick, you have guests or go on a trip. But after that you need to return to the usual order. It requires patience, but the reward will be a healthy child and enough time to do the planned things and to relax.


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