What if your long awaited sweet-heart turns out an ugly baby? – Parents’ experience

They say that for every mom and dad their child is the most beautiful in the world. This is usually the case because parental love overshadows everything. However, sometimes there comes a time when parents have to face the truth, and we come to the conclusion that, although we love our children, there can be ugly baby.

Some parents openly say unflattering words about the appearance of their child. This can be treated differently. Some perceive this is a lack of affection and love. However, many such “honest” parents claim that they love their children, but this does not prevent them from seeing the obvious shortcomings of an ugly baby. In any case, no one would want to hear something like that from their parents …

Parents’ confessions

“I think I had always knew that. My son was an ugly baby that born with a very distorted head shape. This is the result of complications in childbirth. Unfortunately, this did not improve with time. It still looks weird and probably doesn’t appeal to other people either. I honestly admitted it only recently when he started balding at the age of 16. I feel sorry for him, but try to support.”

ugly baby face - what to do“My daughter was born with a very ugly nose. Big, twisted, like a separate part of the rest of her beautiful body. I was scared that I had given birth to so ugly baby. Fortunately, this did not last long. When I was resting after giving birth, suddenly it turned out that her nose is alright. »


“My eldest son was too long and weight a lot for a newborn baby. But that wasn’t the worst. His triangular head bothered me the most. It looked terrible. To the point where I burst into tears and told my mom that my ugly baby looked like some damn monkey. Fortunately, he has grown and the shape of his head has improved, and today he is a very handsome boy.”

“I love my son all my life, but to be honest, I have to admit one thing – although he is only 6 years old, it is clear that he will not grow up a handsome man.” He inherited the look of his dad, and I more likely will not like his appearance. Fortunately, he is exceptionally smart for his age, so there is hope that in the future his intelligence will obscure his appearance.”

“My friend gave birth to two children. One daughter is beautiful, just like the picture. The second one was ugly baby and it is getting only worse. She recently admitted to me that seeing her immediately after birth, she discovered that the second daughter looks like Benjamin button. The old man from the movie who gets younger with age. However, her case is different and she still looks bad. Well, it’s good that at least one child “succeeded”.

“I can’t accept how fat my daughter is. As a child she was tiny and gonna grow into a slim woman. Although we took care of her healthy diet, something didn’t work. Today she weighs as much as my husband, only a little younger and lower. Her face is like a full moon, her eyes barely visible, her belly hanging down … Sorry to see.”

“I am an attractive woman who has always enjoyed great success with men. We can’t choose what the heart wants, and I contacted the guy who did not shine with beauty. Of course, he is a wonderful person with a good sense of humor, but that does not make him objectively more beautiful. Love blinded me. Unfortunately, our children are kind of like the dad, all of them without exception, and I have three of them. They are low, plump, with eyes and faces far from perfect. It’s a pity, because if they were kind of like me, it would be easier for them in life.”

“My daughter has reached adolescence and she really cares of her appearance. She is jealous of her friends who already have boys and everyone is chasing them. I tell her that the time will come for her too, because she is a smart and beautiful girl. But I say this because my mother requires it from me. I don’t really believe that. Beauty, unfortunately, is not her strongest point, and I realized that when she was about 3 years old. All the children in the kindergarten were prettier than her.”ugly baby - parents confessions

“I don’t regret what I thought, but I’m ashamed that I reacted this way. I think my son is a wonderful man, but in maternity ward I realized that he was an ugly baby and wouldn’t be beautiful. It’s not that newborns are usually ugly because they’re red and swollen. I would accept that. Unfortunately, his face was the worst. Not as pretty as the other little kids’. Big nose, very close to each other eyes, big ears, tiny chin. I shouted at the time that he wasn’t mine ugly baby. I’ve been bringing him up for 10 years and the appearance features havn’t changed at all.”

“I had never been excited with my daughter’s beauty, but it hadn’t bother me. I considered her average in this respect, parental love – that’s all. It was until she recently asked for advice about whether she should take part in the “miss school” competition. I thought to myself – girl, don’t you have eyes? Didn’t you see yourself in the mirror? Your peers will laugh at you. But I did not undermine her self-esteem and discourage. It ended as I suspected.”

Can parents manage with it?

At the same time, society is still trying to convince us that parenthood is associated with positive things. But experienced mothers know this is not always so rosy. And sometimes the disappointment comes very quickly.

From the study it appears that the doubts often appear right after childbirth. And it is not a serious postpartum depression, but something completely different.

This applies to both the young mother and father. While this may sound surprising, one in five parents is disappointed with the arrival of a new family member! 18 percent of respondents admitted that the child seemed to them just ugly baby.

ugly baby newborn

Some of the parents decided to explain their feelings. “Parents have to face a lot of pressure. We are expected to say that we have the most beautiful child in the world, even if we think something completely different. My daughter is 3 years old now and she’s a beautiful girl, but when she was born, she was the ugliest little creature I’ve ever seen,” says one of the fathers with disarming honesty.

“It doesn’t mean no love. In many cases this can be due to anxiety because we know how much the appearance means nowadays, ” he added.

The vast majority of respondents, up to 82 percent, are predicted to recognize that they consider their child the most beautiful in the world. This is a healthy reaction, caused by deep love and pride. What about the remaining 18 percent? One in five respondents openly admitted that the child’s appearance is terrible.

The vast majority shared their doubts with their partner. Almost one in ten frustrated parents did not want to discuss the beauty of their child with others.

Do parents have the right to say that about their “ugly baby”? What were your feelings after the baby was born?

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