7 things you face with during pregnancy, but no one warns about

Pregnancy is fine, but quite a specific state. There are 7 things that you sure to face with during pregnancy but nobody tell about.

It is 9 long months during which the woman struggles with mood changes and unreasonable attacks of tears, strange gastronomic whims which cannot be explained and disturbing reflections on how to be a good mother for the child. It’s totally normal during pregnancy, and every woman goes through it. All these things are known, for example, from doctor consultations or from the guidelines on pregnancy and motherhood.

face with strange gastronomic preferences during pregnancy

But there are also other things women face with while pregnant that you won’t learn from books or from the doctor. This does not mean, however, that they will not happen, on the contrary, the chances of their appearing are quite high. What is the silent anthology of motherhood and pregnancy?

The one thing in your mind

Pregnancy, especially its beginning, is a period when the woman’s libido increases significantly. This is especially true in the first trimester of pregnancy, but this condition can also last longer. All because of the increased hormones level, as well as increased blood supply to the genitals, clitoris, labia and breast, which significantly increases the corresponding sensations.

Social Media is evil and reflection will drive you crazy

In the age of Instagram, we see a lot of moms who have a perfect body shape during pregnancy, as good as pregnancy allows, despite the fact that they have started to count the days of the 9th month. It is difficult not to compare yourself with others, and experts agree – the main thing is not to go crazy. You have to remember that pregnancy is a separate matter for each woman and weight gain is different for each of them. In addition, trying to keep a slim figure during pregnancy can be dangerous for both the mother and the child.

face with during pregnancy

You can behave very irrationally during pregnancy

Have you ever heard of the term “pregnesia”? This condition is characterized by a tendency to forget, concentration disorders and being at a loss in general, which causes the mothers to behave at least irrationally. Pregnesia is a characteristic of early pregnancy and is the result of high progesterone levels, because this hormone has a calming effect. The best example illustrating the ” pregnesia” is the following statement of one of the young mothers: “When I was pregnant, I put my eldest son’s Lego blocks in the fridge, and then tried to give him the keys to the house,” the woman admitted.

Everyone has a “good advice” for you

When you tell your family and friends that you are pregnant, you are overwhelmed by an avalanche of congratulations and good wishes. Be sure, after them, fortunately or unfortunately, follows unwanted advice. Suddenly everyone turns out to be a specialist in pregnancy and motherhood. All people around strive to tell you what you should eat, how to relax, what is useful for your child and what should be avoided at all. Some of these tips are certainly useful, but most of them will be meaningless or even absurd.

You will feel fear during pregnancy

At least 1 in 10 women struggle with constant anxiety during pregnancy. It is because of hormonal changes that affect the brain of pregnant women, causing, among other things, anxiety. Pregnancy is a period of huge changes in a woman’s body, so such feelings and fears are completely normal.

face with tears and anxiety during pregnancy

Many people will treat you as if you are on vacation

“I dream of lying at home all day and doing nothing like you” – you will hear this song during pregnancy. Maternity leave is a cause of envy for many people. Unfortunately, not many of them understand that the days of “lying at home” are accompanied by constant nausea, swollen ankles, mood swings, irritability, crying, chest and back pain. This is a “great” time of permanent lack of sleep (and, oh, this is just the beginning!) and general fatigue.

You will have more attention than you would like

Once your belly is big enough, you won’t be able to get rid of unnecessary hands that want to touch you, touch your belly, or put an ear to it to hear the baby. Unfortunately, not all people are tactful enough to understand that such behavior can be acceptable only for the next of kin of the future mother.

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