Teens pregnancy announcement. Should I tell my mom?

Pregnancy announcement to parents is very emotional and exciting thing. Which is sometimes not easy. The reaction of mother and father for the news they are going to be grandparents is mostly unpredictable. The situation is more complicated with teens pregnancy announcement. How to tell mom and dad you’re are or your girlfriend is pregnant? How to get rid of the fear?

First of all, it’s okay to worry about how parents will react to the teens pregnancy announcement. You have the right to be nervous аfeel confused, because you are in the difficult and new situation. Now you are in the moment of your life when you may need support and care. That is why it is necessary to tell the parents about pregnancy as soon as possible.

What determines the parents’s reaction teens pregnancy announcement

teens pregnancy announcement

It depends on many factors. This is, for example:

  • whether they know and accept that the daughter/son has started a sexual relationship
  • how they treat the son/daughter ‘s partner
  • whether they already have grandchildren
  • whether they are ready for grandchildren
  • parents’ characters

It is worth noting that as a rule the news that the son became a father is accepted easier than the news of the daughter’s pregnancy.

Alone or together?

Think of whether you need a second person during this teens pregnancy announcement.

Firstly, you can share the news with another family member who will accept it more calmly and support you in this difficult moment. It could be aunt or grandmother. Or maybe you’d better tell your mother first, and then you tell father about it together.

You may also have your boyfriend/girlfriend with you, who will help to talk about your plans. But you have to be careful if the child is unplanned. You should avoid the situations that lead to his or her blaming, and the conversation became very unpleasant. However, parents will certainly appreciate that he or her supports you during the conversation. This makes your partner responsible in the eyes of the parents. Even if they don’t appreciate it during the first conversation, they’ll do it later.

When it’s time for teens pregnancy announcement?

As soon as possible, you should take care of yourself or your pregnant girl throughout the pregnancy and your parents will surely help you. At this time, the future young mother needs to eat properly and pass medical examinations, which can be difficult without parents’ support. Also, unfortunately, during pregnancy there may appear some complications. And it is better if the parent help you to overcome it, than they will learn about the pregnancy this way, when you or your girlfriend get to the hospital.

It is important to speak when emotions are down

teens pregnancy announcement

It is difficult to predict how parents will behave after such news. They may be calm, but it may happen that this news will surprise and upset them.

In any case, the emotions associated with the new situation are the strongest at the beginning of the teens pregnancy announcement. Even if the parents showed nervousness and discontent, it usually passes with time. And then comes the time for a quiet peaceful conversation, when you can decide what to do next.

During the teens pregnancy announcement try to stay calm

During the conversation, let your parents express what they feel and think. Even if their words are unpleasant or not what you expected to hear. Try to remain calm – do not argue with them, do not provoke a dispute and do not succumb to their provocations. Instead, also tell them what do you feel. This will give them time to calm down, as well as to have better understanding of you view. “I know you didn’t want this for me,” “I feel like I let you down,” or “I didn’t want to disappoint you.” Just speak honestly and from the heart.

My parents will kill me!

afraid of teens pregnancy announcement

Yes, be ready that they will be angry and react violently for you teens pregnancy announcement. But don’t say, ” my parents will kill me!”No, they won’t – you can be sure of that. They can be nervous and surprised, especially in the beginning, but anyway parents want the best for you. Perhaps they have imagined the birth of their first grandchild differently. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t appreciate any other options. Just give them some time – just like you’re got accustomed to the pregnancy, so they will.

An unplanned pregnancy at a young age will completely change your life. As well as being the first time mom at the age of 20 or 30. It’s always a change to get used to.

good reaction at teens pregnancy announcement

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