How to make pregnancy announcement to parents in a good way

With a positive pregnancy test result, there are many questions appears. How to make pregnancy announcement to parents? How to choose the right moment for the conversation? What to expect from them? Should other people be involved in this conversation? These questions is actual both for teens and women. Both for those who are in a stable relationship and had planned the pregnancy for some time, and those whose child is unplanned. This also applies to boys and men. How should they tell their parents that their girlfriend or woman are pregnant?

Before pregnancy announcement to parents, you need to make sure that you are ready to the talk. While pregnancy announcement to parents, be calm, specific and clearly express your opinion. Let them express themselves, their emotions. Give them time to get used to the situation. Parents react differently, and it is difficult to predict how the conversation will go. But there are some general recommendations that will help to held the conversation in a good mood and to avoid negative reactions.

How to tell your parents you’re pregnant

what is the best way of pregnancy announcement to parents

  1. Find the right words to the How to make pregnancy announcement to parents. Think about what do you want to say and how. The conversation itself can be very stressful for you, so it’s best to prepare the speech in advance. If you expect this is not the best news for your parents, prepare them. Don’t underestimate the potential emotional response.
  2. Choose the right moment. It should be a time when none of you are in a hurry, and you can sit down, focus, and take your time.
  3. Think about how they might react. Different people react differently, some are silent, others shout, others “explode” with joy. Think about their temperament and what to expect from them, but do not expect your prediction to be the 100% true.
  4. Think about what they might ask you. Some parents will want to cool off first and get used to the news. And others will go straight to asking about the details. Try to answer the questions you think they might ask.

They may ask you

  • who is the child’s father
  • does he know about the child
  • why didn’t you use contraceptives
  • will you get married
  • what about his parents
  • what are you going to do about it
  • what about school / study
  • how long is the pregnancy

Creative ways of pregnancy announcement to parents

For most parents, the message about the grandson is a great happiness. How to creatively inform them about this joyful news and make the moment more exciting and unforgettable?

Other people’s ideas of pregnancy announcement to parents

“For my pregnancy announcement to parents I had bought and packed children’s shoes as a gift.” – Camila K.

how to tell parents you're pregnant

“I had bought a poster; then say “I have to tell you something,” and I opened it, and in the middle there were the inscriptions “you’ll be a grandmother,” “you’ll be a grandfather,”” – Octavia D.

“To make a pregnancy announcement to parents we ordered mugs with the words ‘hi, grandma! <3 “/” Hello grandpa! <3″. – Anna O.

“I bought a card with the words “heartfelt congratulations” (unfortunately, I did not find another beautiful one), and in the middle I fixed the letter from future grandson to my grandparents. It began with the words “Hello, grandmother, Hello, grandfather,” and described how many weeks the child had already lived in the tummy, and when they will meet. To the postcard attached the framed picture of the ultrasound.

Then we asked the mother to read out loud, and after the words, “hi grandma, hi grandpa” she started crying. Of course, there were also father’s tears of happiness. Although I was already an adult, and pregnancy was a conscious decision, I was still afraid of this conversation, like a teenager who “made a mistake”, but I knew that they would be delighted with the letter.”- Joanna F.

“Ordered a cake with the words: congratulations to the future grandparents.” – Sylvia G.

how to tell parents you're pregnant

“For first time pregnancy announcement to parents I showed my parents the test, the second I bought children’s shoes and packed it in a colorful bag. And the third time I went to my mom, and when she asked where were the kids, I said I had one in my stomach.” – Basia B.

“We took a picture with my husband – on the sand, where we had made the inscription M + S = 3 and signed the photo “you will be grandparents.” Packed it in envelopes and sent. Parents were surprised and delighted, and now this picture in a frame at their home as a decoration”. – Milena L.

“I packed the little shoes and gave them to my mom, mother-in-law and my husband’s brother. Every time my husband recorded a video on the phone, how they reacted. After gathering the videos into one, we had a great touchable film.”- Magdalena S.

“We gave kinder surprise to the parents. They quickly understood what was happening.”- Yvonne B.

creative ways of pregnancy announcement to the parents

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