7 things you should never say and never ask a pregnant woman under any circumstances

Pregnancy is an amazing time. During these months, the woman is usually surrounded by the care of her nearest people. And we all know they wish only good things for her. But moms will agree, some of such phrases make pregnant women roll their eyes or even yell. All moms go through this. What things you better never ask a pregnant woman about, so as not to cause her anger and why? At least here are the questions and phrases that made me really nervous.

“How are you? What’s up?”

things never ask a pregnant womanI stopped answering anything at all to this question during my first pregnancy.

You see, you address this question to the woman whose mood changes practically every minute. What is the point of this question, if even after the truthful answer “excellent” everything can change to “in black despair”?

This is really annoying, because during my pregnancy I also would like to know the answer to this question.

To answer the question, I needed a special word. But how we name it when a little alien sits in the stomach, while you’re struggling irresistible desire to absorb two chocolate bars and a cucumber, and at the same time you already feel a familiar burning sensation in the esophagus, heartburn, pressure in the bladder and vomiting.

In general, better never ask a pregnant woman “how are you”, it make them feel strange or crazy.

“Are you happy?” and other meaningless questions

Let’s make it clear, you’re asking the woman whose life now consists of struggling with endless gagging; excruciating attempts to tie her shoes by stretching her arms across the huge belly; restraining herself from urinating at the wrong time and thinking about the upcoming contractions. And all this while doing house work routine.

Do you really think this is important? Think about it again before, but still better never ask a pregnant woman how happy she is…

It’s a question from the series “I don’t know what to talk about with you, so I’m going to ask a question that will keep the conversation going for one more minute, and then ask another, just as ridiculous.”

things never ask a pregnant woman

“When do you give birth?”

At the end of my second pregnancy, I wanted to order a t-shirt that said, “I don’t know when”.

Never ask a pregnant woman about when she gonna give birth, because she has no word contact with the baby, and the question is like asking at the table: “when are you going to finish eating?»

Several times I dared to say on this question: “NOW!”. But don’t advice you to act the same, especially when dealing with ladies in age. They may have weak hearts, it is better not to frighten them so much.:)

things never ask a pregnant woman“I have to, I just have to stroke your belly!”

If I managed not to be angry at such bold statements, I still could not resist to answer with a caustic. “And I have to, I just have to touch your chest / ass / crotch!!!»

Damn it, just what does it look like? Especially when you were caught off guard because someone thought it would be nice!

Moreover, it violates personal space and can even cause pain. So never ask a pregnant woman to touch her belly, if she wants it, she’ll offer you.

Horror stories for pregnant women

“…Here is my friend was also pregnant, and her child fell ill with some strange disease, and she had to treat her through the eyeball, and they never recovered … and then they all died.…»

For telling pregnant women stories about terrible diseases / ailments / genetic defects of a child, special punishment should be provided at the legislative level.

I myself regularly send money if someone sends me a link to a fundraiser for treating toddlers, or I stumble across them in a feed. But during pregnancy I was sent some incredible number of such links or posts with terrible stories. They were much more than usual – a few dozen a day.

No one took my feelings seriously. After each series of posts, I cried for half a day! Then I called my gynecologist and signed up for an ultrasound to eventually get hysterical and refuse to leave the office until the doctor, who himself is almost crying, once again convince me that my child is all right.

I’m sorry, but the imagination of expectant mothers works well. You don’t have to tell pregnant women these things and tell scary stories on purpose.

things never say to a pregnant woman

“How much put on weight?”

Never ask a pregnant women this. Just because no woman likes to talk about how many pounds she has gained. Whether it’s justified by pregnancy or not. It’s the perfect question to end the conversation. Forever:D

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating, there are moms who are proud of how much weight they’ve gained. I also boasted about how much weight I gained during the second pregnancy. But never ASK a pregnant woman – if she wants, she will brag about it herself.

“What a beautiful belly you have! Pregnancy suits you!”

…and 1000 more hopeful “never say to a pregnant women” things.

No, of course it’s glad to hear. Especially when you’re constantly wearing a few extra pounds in your stomach, gaining weight, and vomiting has not disappeared.

things never say to a pregnant woman

But then, after the birth, we have to immediately forget those words. Because the same people who praised you and your belly during pregnancy are starting to behave very differently. They may start to ask, “do you still walk with your stomach? When will it finally come down?”. Or even better “are you pregnant again?».

Unpleasant, you know. Perhaps for some people it’s not obvious they better never ask  a pregnant woman such things. And the fact that uterus needs time to recover after childbirth is apparently still a secret knowledge for elected ones or a subject of taboo.

Well, I’ve finally expressed my boiling pain, and now it’s your turn! What do you think people should never ask a pregnant woman about or say to her? What irritated or irritate you during pregnancy?

In order not to focus only on women, I will add that future fathers are also often irritated by the first two points. My husband looked at the inquirers with a great surprise in his eyes, as if the prospect of not sleeping for the next few months could be what every self-respecting person dreams about.

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