What are the common mistakes the firs-time parents make?

Bringing up a child is not an easy thing. Especially if you are a first-time mom. It is impossible to avoid all the mistakes as parenting is a process of getting baby care experience. No matter how many books have you read or how many backup plans do you have, there are always be unexpected situations. Because all children are different.

Most mistakes young parents make because of the wrong concepts and “traditional” approaches to child care. Most of which are archaic and unscientific themselves. However, we can rely on wisdom of previous generations sometimes. Lets speak about common first-time parents mistakes and attitude to them from this point.

A child’s day routine system

Many pediatricians insist that a baby “should sleep all night”. And all parents whose children wake up several times a night panic, begin to convulsively think what is wrong with a child and try to force the sleep/wake cycle. That is one of the most common mistakes that young parents do. They try to keep their child awake most of the day, hoping that at night he will sleep longer and better.

And although the perspective of a sleepless night is not the most attractive thing in life, the result of such approach is harmful for the baby. Children have different biological regimes of the day. You should let your child sleep when he wants to, not when you want to. And it is ok that he wakes up several times a night. Instead of forcing the baby to adapt to you, much more useful, in this case, if you adapt to it.

You should accept the fact that the first months of the child’s life you will not have a full and good continuous sleep. This is the proportion of all normal parents. Remember, as parents, you are responsible for creating the most comfortable conditions for your child and there is simply no other way!

Why does baby cry and scream

Besides, one of the reasons why a baby wakes up at night is a discomfort caused by various things. As a rule, he cries and screams to say to others about his feeling bad. Because it is the only way to communicate at this age.

The common mistake of the first-time moms is that they perceive this as a sign of a child’s hungry. In most cases it is true about a healthy baby, there also may be other reasons. That is why you shouldn’t feed the baby every time you hear cryings, as many first-time moms do. Especially if you keep a feeding regime.

Besides, crying is just a part of a baby’s life and it is not always mean there is something wrong. As a parent, mom may believe that her main goal is to do everything possible so that the child will not cry. But it is not always true. Sometimes a baby needs attention or to be hugged. Sometimes he just needs to cry and that’s it.

But if crying lasts more than an hour, an is accompanied with a fever, rash, vomiting or bloating, call a doctor.

Overheating a baby

a baby wrapped in too mach clothes

And it is not about outdoors. As it is obvious, we should avoid heavy sunshine during walking.

Here we talk about excessive care from grandparents or first-time moms that take their advice.All these wool socks, double vests and diapers, blankets and cozy bumpers at a temperature of +25 in the room do not make the child happy. It can easily overheat, because its thermoregulation system is still imperfect. And to tell that he feels too hot and must do something, he will use the only tool to draw your attention. Guess what? Right. Crying and screaming of course.

Outdoor activity with first child

But as for outdoors there is some common mistakes too. It is about losing attention.

Young parents during walks with their children often for one some reasons become inattentive and lose control of the children. The street is full of many serious threats that can lead to tragic consequences. The child is extremely curious and has no sense of danger. Even looking harmless playground without supervision can cause serious injury or loss of the child.

Besides, leaving children near the water while resting there also can lead to a real tragedy. In order to prevent most of the dangers, the baby should always be within arm’s length. Especially when there are various ponds, swimming pool, water tanks or fountain nearby. It is worth remembering that the child simply can not keep his balance being in the water. In addition, you should not allow children to swim for a long time, which can lead to hypothermia and colds. Parents should be very careful when it comes to water, because the amount of children injuries that got around the water and swimming pools are very high.

Going to a shop with the first child by car

a child with banana horns at a supermarket with first-time parents

Of course, outdoor activity is not restricted to a playground or paddling pool at the backyard. Somewhen you will come up with the idea of taking a child to a shop. For example, due to a lack of time or to having no one to leave the child with. And there are some mistakes that first-time moms can make.

First of all, it is neglecting the baby’s car seat.No, little distance is not the reason for such attitude. No, he will not seat on your hands. A baby must be in the car in a special holding device due to his age. If you think that this rule can be ignored, watch the video crash tests.

Besides the baby car seat must be fixed in a proper way to guarantee safety. It is not advisable to install a child car chair in the front seat. As the opened airbag can cause serious injuries to the baby. In addition, it is important to properly adjust the length of the belt. Being too long it can move on the neck of the child, threatening him with suffocation. And a short one brings discomfort in the abdomen and chest, squeezing the baby’s body.

So, you have arrived to a shop. It is not recommended to put the baby in the grocery cart, which is not made for this purpose. Young parents like to put the child in the upper part of the cart, provided for hand bags. This can turn into serious trouble and even tragedy. There were many cases when children fell out of the cart and received serious injuries, sometimes fatal. Parents should remember that not fully loaded cart can tilt and drop the child.

The best way to carry your baby is to do it with a special hammocks or slings on his chest. Also a first-time mom can use a baby carriage, which may not be very convenient, but more safe.

We hope that this article will help first-time mothers to become more confident and bring up a healthy and happy child.

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