How sleep deprived mom can have enough rest – ways to get enough sleep in short periods of time

Lack of sleep is the most popular problem first time moms face with. For good health a man needs to sleep about 7-8 hours a day. But sleep deprived mom having her daily routine is not always able to sleep this number of hours. Fortunately, as it is common thing, there have already been invented solutions. Here are some systems that allow to feel good after few hours of rest.

how sleep deprived mom can get enough sleep

What is sleep

As a rule, sleep is divided into 4-5 cycles, which include 2 phases: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM sleep.

During non-REM sleep body temperature decreases, slow breathing and heart rate, relax muscles, slows metabolism, eyeballs move smoothly.

Every 1.5 hours for the non-REM sleep phase of sleep replaced by REM sleep. During this phase, the body activates the internal organs, muscle tone falls strongly and the sleeper becomes completely immobilized. It is during this period that a person sees most dreams. REM sleep lasts for about 15 minutes. During REM sleep in the body there are various processes aimed at restoring the functions of the nervous system.

A good night’s rest is essential for high performance. But if the time to sleep is not enough, you can sleep for 4-5 hours, and feel great.

Ways to get enough sleep for sleep deprived mom

Use REM sleep phase

The phase starts just after falling asleep and lasts about 20 minutes. Scientists have found that this phase allows to fully relax and completely turn off the brain. So this is a good way if sleep deprived mom wants to sleep and at the same time after awakening to feel cheerfulness and a burst of energy. With this system, 20 minutes of sleep can replace two hours of night sleep. And to achieve the best effect, first time mom can arrange several such “sleepy” breaks a day.

But it should be remembered that the phase of slow sleep, which comes after fast and lasts for the next two hours, is also very important. At this time, the immune system is strengthened, cells are restored, the work of all organs is debugged. So sleep deprived mom should pay attention to a full long sleep. She can start an alarm clock, taking into account the time required to fall asleep or use special online calculators. Like this or this.

Effective wake up – 2 hours method

For this method sleep deprived mom should set an alarm for 30 minutes and go to bed. After 30 minutes, get up on the alarm clock and immediately shift it to 30 minutes. This must be done for 4 times. This is enough for the whole working day. Why 30 minutes? The body does not have time for this time to plunge into the phase of slow sleep, so it’s easier for a person to wake up cheerful.

ways sleep deprived mom can rest while dleep deprivation

Day sleep breaks

Long sleep (1-1.5 hours) at night and three to five times for 20-30 minutes during the day. A short rest should be planned at regular intervals to give the body a break. If she wants, sleep deprived mom can increase the main sleep  up to 3-4 hours.

Coffee sleep – nappuccino

Although the amount of coffee must be cut during pregnancy and breastfeeding, sometimes this method can be used. Besides, even after the baby has grown out of the breastfeeding age, first time moms don’t always have enough time for full-time sleep. So the method worth noticing.

Sleep deprived mom should drink a cup of coffee, which must not contain sugar. Then set the alarm for 20 minutes. She doesn’t need to force to fall asleep. Even if she just lies with eyes closed and relaxed, there will be the effect.

coffee method for sleep deprived mom first time

Then she will have more strength than if she would sleep or take coffee separately. First time mom will not only rest, but also wake up cheerful and full of energy. It works because it takes twenty minutes for the body to assimilate a cup of coffee. The drink is fully absorbed after 45 minutes. Thus, sleep deprived mom will feel a surge of energy immediately after you wake up.

Common advice for sleep deprived mom

The room must be well-ventilated and full of fresh air.

An hour of sleep before 24.00 replaces two hours of sleep after.

Before going to bed take a warm shower.

It is better to eat five hours before bedtime.


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