How to lose weight after pregnancy – 6 months that are very important

After childbirth, almost all girls and women dream of having a flat stomach and being slim again. And the more time passes from childbirth, the stronger the desire to lose weight after pregnancy is.

However immediately after childbirth it is not necessary to strictly limit yourself in food. After childbirth, you should rest and not torment yourself by cutting calories. The body is already exhausted by pregnancy and childbirth that if you do not get the necessary nutrients now, it will affect the next attempt to lose weight after pregnancy. And as soon as you finish the diet, most likely you gain the pounds back.

how to easy lose weight after pregnancy

But do not worry that your body after childbirth does not look as you would like. The weight itself will normalize if you eat more or less healthy food and have some activity. After all, the first six months after childbirth is the perfect time to return to a slim figure. American scientists-nutritionists estate that during this time it’s easier to lose weight after pregnancy. Use this to get back into shape without hunger strikes.

Hormones help to lose weight after pregnancy

Weight loss in the first months after birth is different from the usual weight loss. This times it is not about eating less or more or about being super active, but about living in harmony with your body. As a rule, female hormones contribute to the accumulation of adipose tissue. In the first months after pregnancy, the opposite is true. Hormones will help to lose weight after pregnancy.

When a child is born, the placenta is also separated from the mother. This is important in the matter of weight loss, because it produces hormones that support appetite. The levels of estrogen and progesterone return to their normal value, appetite decreases. This phenomenon lasts about six months, then the level of hormones is stabilized. Everything returns to the usual norm, and then it becomes more difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. That is why it is so important to think about returning to the former figure immediately after childbirth.

The average weight loss in the first week after birth is about 6 kg. Over the next weeks also decreases without additional effort. Blood volume will decrease, your body will get rid of excess fluid. The uterus will shrink. Thus, you will lose about 3 kg.

Post pregnancy workout

exercises to lose weight after pregnancy

The first weeks are not the time for vigorous gymnastics, but a little activity will improve your mood and help you to feel better.

You should start with some light stretching exercises. Many doctors recommend Kegel exercises during this period (stopping the flow of urine during urination). And two weeks after birth, you can try yoga exercises (lying and sitting). A good exercise will also be a walk in the fresh air. However, whatever you choose, it’s better to stop training if you feel pain or fatigue.

For the first time after giving a birth avoid running, riding a bike. It’s also too early to swim at this time, because you might get an infection.

Menu to lose weight after pregnancy

Finally, the time has come when you can not adhere to the strict rules of nutrition and limits in the menu. And at the same time still lose unnecessary pounds! But do not start “breaking bad”. Still, the main part of the menu is better to allocate for healthy food in accordance with the rules of the Pyramid of Healthy Eating.

keep the pyramid of healthy eating to lose weight after pregnancy

Now you don’t need as much protein as during pregnancy. But don’t avoid it. If you do not have enough protein, you will lose your hair and feel tired. Protein is essential for you to function properly and burn fat ( protein should make up 30% of your diet).

Don’t forget about carbohydrates (about 50% of your diet) and fiber (whole grains such as thick flakes, bread and pasta from unseeded flour, brown rice, fruits and vegetables).

Do not overdo it with the restriction of fat and sugar. Foods rich in healthy fats (olive oil, sea fish, nuts) are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

We often forget that building a figure with food is not only what we eat, but also how much we eat. Even a small portion size limit can help you lose weight after pregnancy. A good way proven by many mothers is to serve the food on a little plate.

Tips for effective weight loss after pregnancy

  • Remember that even if you are breastfeeding, you need 2200 kcal per day.
  • Eat steamed dishes baked in foil or grilled as often as possible.
  • Replace your three big meals into six small servings.
  • Avoid canned, salted and fast food.
  • Keep healthy snacks at a hand in case of sudden hunger.
  • Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, strong tea, sweet drinks.
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
  • Positive attitude to life also helps to lose weight after pregnancy.

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