Best parenting advice I’ve ever known. Just let it go.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard the wisest and, perhaps, the most the best parenting advice too late. I think that every mother should know it as soon as possible, even during pregnancy.

Due to the fact that I hadn’t knew about it before, I hurt my baby so many times! And I still try to compensate it in other things. To atone, so to speak.

And that best parenting advice is “let it go”. Three words, and so many saved nerves and avoided children’s tears. This is really the best parenting advice, because it works in any situation.

How to wash kid’s hair without tears

best parenting advice for baby hair washing

I decided to write this article after reading one post on Facebook. It seemed really important to me that every mother must learn this universal and simple thing.

In this post, one mother described her child’s hysterics and screams before washing his hair. As I have a lot of experience in washing children’s hair behind my back, including with rivers of the child’s tears, I read this post with a trembling heart. I feel so sorry… for the child.

He probably had traumatic experience. Those horrible moments, when the ears and mouth are drenched with soapy water and eyes are stinged like in hell, are familiar probably to everyone. But when I first became a mother, I thought that I did not allow such things, and considered the fact that my son so much resists washing his hair as a child’s whims, and continued to wash. Now I realize that’s not true, and I’m sorry.

When you can’t get your child to wash his hair, and washing it with your hands makes him furious use that excellent parenting advice, and let it go. Later you will find a way to wash your child’s hair, bt now enjoying the benefits of civilization – use dry shampoo this time.

And don’t be afraid of lice, if you don’t wash your baby’s hair for a few days. Even if the child will have dirty hair for several weeks (but it is better to prevent this:)), lice will not start, it does not work this way. They do not come out of the mud, you can only be infected.

Don’t force the kids to go outside

When you can’t get your child to go for a walk, “let it go”, in this situation the best parenting advice also works well. Stop struggling when he or she breaks out and doesn’t want to go outside. It doesn’t make any sense, and there’s nothing more unpleasant than forcing yourself into something. What more no one likes this, it only exhausts you. Most likely you have so many things to do today instead of the struggling.

Unprepared dinner

best parenting advice of how to do everything in time for mothers

When you’re cooking dinner and can’t finish it because the kids need attention, use this best parenting advice – let it go. Take a break, exhale.

Does it make sense to suffer and try to finish cooking, if the kids say they get enough after eating two spoons of the dinner and want to play again?

House upside down

When you see toys are scattered throughout the apartment, things are in the washing machine, and dirty dishes mountain rises high above the edge of the sink, you are horrified to think that you need to clean it all up, and fatigue takes its…yes here comes the time for the parenting advice, time to let it go.

Let things lie where they are lying now. Make a cup of coffee for yourself, relax a little, lock yourself in the bathroom and eat a chocolate – you definitely deserve it.

Think, maybe the children will help you put toys at their right place? Maybe husband can wash the dishes? Whatever he said to your request, let him go too. Let him do his things. But you are not a regular cleaner to do everything for everyone. So just let it go.

Conflicts and trade-offs

best parenting advice for father and mother

When you say one thing, but the child wants another – stop forcing and let it go. The effect of this parenting advice has a great meaning here. Obey the child this time. Your authority in his eyes will only increase, if you show that you respect his interests and needs, accept his opinion and appreciate it.

Quarrel and coercion will make you angry, so why? Let go, step aside and think about why your child doesn’t want to do what you want him to do. How can you help him get to the point where he wants to do it?

So the best parenting advice in my opinion is to forgive, accept, and let it go. Give yourself time.

Being a parent is not a competition in whose baby is better, cleaner, smarter and more beautiful. Only you set priorities – what is most important for you and your family.

Should you have dinner with a teenager who doesn’t like it? Is it worth it to clean the floors all the day? Your life should not meet the standards and requirements. Your life is the time you got as a gift, so use it wisely. Let it go when you realize that you really cannot do something.

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