9 best tips for healthy pregnancy that are pretty easy to follow

During pregnancy you should pay special attention to health and a healthy lifestyle. Skin and hair also require special attitude. And it’s not only about a few dietary supplements or keeping a special diet and buying expensive stretch marks creams. There are a few more tips for healthy pregnancy to follow. Although they are simple, their importance cannot be overestimated. The 9 tips will make your life easier during pregnancy and will help to preserve and even increase your beauty and health.

A glass of warm water with lemon in the morning

There is no better way to start the day than by drinking a glass of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This applies not only to the period of pregnancy, but at this time such a useful habit is even more important.

a glass of water with lemon for healthy pregnancy

The morning “cocktail” helps to clean the body (removes toxins), accelerates metabolism and improves digestion, helps with heartburn and indigestion, gives energy and supports the immune system (mainly due to the content of vitamin C). Such water with lemon contains calcium and potassium, which have a very positive effect on the health of the heart, nervous system and brain. Water with lemon also has the effect of “deoxidation” of the body. Despite its sour taste, it has alkalizing effect.

It is best for healthy pregnancy to drink water with lemon immediately after waking up, about half an hour before breakfast.

Chia seeds

This is a favorite of many moms and the most natural “additive” in the diet of healthy pregnancy. It is better to eat Chia seeds twice a day. Before these, pour a tablespoon of Chia seeds with a glass of warm (not hot) water and leave for a while.

What is the significance of Chia seeds for healthy pregnancy? Only two tablespoons of Chia seeds (about 30 g) give 20% of the recommended daily intake of calcium, 30% manganese, 30% magnesium, 27% phosphorus, which strengthens bones and to some extent supports the development of the baby. The same two tablespoons of Chia seeds contain many valuable antioxidants and as much as 11 g of fiber, which supports the beneficial bacterial flora in the intestine.

Beet juice

Pregnant women often suffer from anemia. To avoid this, it is worth eating beets from the beginning of pregnancy. Despite the fact that compared, for example, with parsley, beet is not such a rich source of iron, it is an excellent hematopoietic product that prevents (and even treats) anemia.

The natural dyes contained in beets are very strong antioxidants that increase the absorption of oxygen by the cells. A large amount of folic acid, supports the development of the child, and from the mother’s body derive harmful excess of homocysteine.

In the diet of every pregnant woman, as well as woman who are preparing for pregnancy, beet juice should be present. 2-3 weeks of daily beet juice drinking can increase hemoglobin in the blood to a very good level and, what more prevent anemia.

beet juice for healthy pregnancy

More water

Water should be drunk not only as a morning drink with lemon, but also throughout the day. This is important for healthy pregnancy because water removes toxins from our body, supports the kidneys; work and cleanses the body of harmful metabolic waste. Lack of water in the body leads to a sharp decrease in the level of electrolytes in our body. This causes a feeling of fatigue, weakness and even dizziness or trembling of the hands.

Remember that during pregnancy you need to consume enough water for two men (or even three =)). The child consists of 74-94% water, besides its natural environment is nothing but water. Therefore, the correct amount of water that we should consume every for healthy pregnancy should be about 3 liters. It doesn’t as much as it seems. One liter is usually can be get with food, and 2 – to drink.

Drinking enough water during pregnancy you also take care of proper digestion, provide the body with the necessary minerals, and as a result you will feel better.

So try to keep on hand a glass or a bottle of water.

Vitamin D

This vital vitamin is necessary for healthy pregnancy, because it is responsible for the proper absorption of calcium in the body. It helps to strengthen the muscles and bones of the baby and mom. Its deficiency can lead to weakening of bones, as well as to more frequent allergies in children.

Folic acid

It is necessary for healthy pregnancy and proper development of the child’s spinal cord. Too low folic acid levels cause prematurity or behavioural problems in the child. Therefore, mothers should take care of the proper level of folic acid in their diet throughout the pregnancy.

Fats and oils

diet for healthy pregnancy

In the diet of pregnant women there must be the so-called “good fats.” This means the use of cold pressed coconut or flax oils. Only untreated cold-pressed vegetable oils retain maximum nutritional value and all useful properties. Among useful for healthy pregnancy fats are also olive, nut oils and fish oil (provided that it has been tested for the presence of heavy metals and does not contain them).

Remember that eating healthy fats will benefit your health and appearance, but above all, it will benefit your child’s health.


Probably many mothers dreaming of healthy pregnancy imagine themselves as beautiful, brave and active, preferably until the day of childbirth. Unfortunately, few of them manage to bring this to life. During pregnancy can appear difficulties preventing even minimal physical activity.

But do not despair and let things take their course. Move as much as your body allows. Even if it is just a 10-minute walk at the speed of “chasing a turtle”, or the limit of possibilities is to swim two lengths of the pool, it is still better than doing nothing. Be as active as possible and enjoy it. Bed lifestyle during pregnancy is a direct way to a bad mood, depression, shortness of breath from minimal activity and constant pain.

activity advice for healthy pregnancy

Skin care

Skin care is also important for healthy pregnancy and the appearance at this time. Many mothers, especially during the second and subsequent pregnancies, stop using special creams for pregnant women. Because not all creams’ brands can be trusted. Often these creams are very expensive, while their purchase brings nothing useful.

For example, paraffin oil is the main ingredient of many popular oils and stretch marks creams, many of them also contain rubbers which we should avoid to have healthy pregnancy. Even buying expensive creams for pregnant women you still run the risk of taking a product harmful to the developing child. After reading the composition, you can see that well-known brands produce creams for pregnant women with toxic ingredients, such as polyacrylamide, a preservative derived from formaldehyde.

This does not mean that it is necessary to give up using of creams during pregnancy. Of course the skin must be cared. Just the approach to the choice of any creams, lotions or mousses should be more responsible. Before buying, check if one of the ingredients is not recommended. Their list can be found here.

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