14 tips for the first-time moms

Bringing children is one of the wonderful life adventures while parents create their own lifehacks and tips. But for young parents, who have such kind of experience for the first time, it may turn out to be a great stress. And as soon as a baby appears in the house, there arise many questions and the life of a young family changes significantly. To be honest, it does not just change. It becomes restless and difficult, sometimes simply unbearable, but interesting. First time young dad and mom can stay in shock, and that’s fine. The baby will not let them just stay this way for a long time.

It usually requires some time to learn how to take care about a tiny creature. And after a several time people become accustomed. Actions are becoming machine and nerves – strong. And problems are solved in more and more creative way. There are 14 tips of mature parents, that they came up with while bringing up the children.

That will help to manage through the many difficulties and keep calm.

  1. We start with the thing that is always in lack until. Tips are about sleep. It sometimes just impossible to put a baby to sleep, especially if he is not feeling well for example has a cold. But with the next advice it will be easier. To put to sleep a child who suffer from, you need to rub the feet with a fleece fabric. This will calm the receptors and lull the baby.
  2. Other tips about good baby sleep is rather obvious – the air in the room should be fresh and warm. Also, there must be warm nightsuit. But the surprise for many parents is that if the baby fell asleep on your arms, do not put it in the bed immediately. The fast phase of babies begins only 20-30 minutes after falling asleep, which means that during this period of time they will easily wake up.
  3. One more thing about sleep. If you’re afraid the baby will fall out of the bed, a cushion of durable material on the edge will prevent it.
  4.  Actually, a soft roller on the door will save the child from many troubles in a house. It prevents slamming hands and fingers with a door or head injuries, just put it on any corner.
  5. Anti-monster spray to feel safe. What if you child has a fear of under-bed or wardrobe monster? Of course, it’s better to explain that there is nothing to fear and it’s all in his head. But this stuff can help to overcome it at the beginning. Besides you can do any tool to this order. The main thing is to empower it with the ability to win against monsters.
  6. After sleep, it’s time to have water procedures. There is a kind of hat that makes taking a bath more pleasant. It prevents water getting into eyes and nose.the hat prevents getting water at nose and eyes, best tips for first-time mom
  7. The next tip about bath is that you actually don’t have to buy the special bath or baby-chair. Many mothers have never bathed their newborns in a special small bath. Much easier to wash right in a large bath. This way the child can sense the water and feels free. And mom has a space for maneuvers.
  8. But if you still consider you need it, think about the laundry basket. It is dosnt allow the toys to float away while taking a bath.
  9. Now some tips about feeding. There’s no point in shoving food into the baby every time. The only result will be your spent nerves. Look how smart parents manage with it. They turn a boring breakfast into an exciting Board game. You can buy a game with containers or come up with a game in the form of steps. For example, step 1 – to get over the porridge during the way through the mysterious maze. For more adult child you can make breakfasts with interesting design. Japanese like to do it this way, and have reached an extra level in it. Just look how some “bento”look like. food art - bento is a good way to make a child eatbento is a good way to make a child eat
  10. When kids grow up, they usually become addicted to sweets, cookies, chocolate and many other wonderful things that are actually not good for them. And no matter in what house corner candies are hidden, curious children will find out this place. To change the situation a parent can put sweets in an obfuscating pack. For example, that was left-over vegetables, that will not be interesting for a child.
  11. Plastic cup as a drip-catcher. That’s a really nice invention, as meal, especially desserts are always about sully and sticky hands.
  12. Make magic! Childhood is an amazing age. People are easy to impress. You can make endless surprises for them. For example, use glitter on a bill to make a perception that the tooth fairy had come and put money. This can also be used on Christmas and presents.
  13. Not only hands can become dirty while eating but also furniture. You know there are a lot of ways how it gets dirty. So, it is important to know the way to clean.Baking soda is good for this purpose. It will clean off even the most complicated spots. Apply water-salt solution on the soiled upholstered furniture or carpet, and you will see the result.
  14. If a child starts to express his art talent since early time, that’s wonderful. But to prevent appearing painting all over the house make a special place to it. Use butcher paper to create an endless paintboard.


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