Child dental care since birth. 3 main rule for toddler brushing teeth.

Proper oral hygiene as a part of daily routine should be performed from the very first days of the child’s life! Why is child dental care so important? How to properly care for the child’s teeth and brush toddlers’ teeth?

Child dental care – oral health from the beginning

Poor oral hygiene, including due to leftover pieces of food between the teeth and gums, among other things, can cause inflammation or thrush.

Experts recommend taking care of the gums, even when babies do not have teeth. In addition to the obvious health benefits, regular oral care will become a habit.

Toothpaste should be used from the beginning. In the first months for toddler brushing teeth, experts recommend choosing a paste without fluoride. And when the child can spit, that is about 3 years old, choose a paste with fluoride, but adapted to the age of the child.

When and what kind of brush to choose for kids

how to choose tooth brush for child dental care

Daily child dental care is the responsibility of parents. When the teeth have not yet erupted, it is enough to wash the gums with a cotton pad soaked in boiled water.

When the teeth appear, you will need a brush for child dental care. It must be corresponding to the age of the child.

Children’s brush must be very comfortable with a small head and soft bristles.

Brushes for the child dental care should be made of plastic and have a wide handle. The brush should be comfortable to hold in the hands for both parent and child.

It may not be superfluous to choose a brush with a special shield limiter. It is designed to prevent the brush from getting deep into the baby’s mouth.

It is important to pay attention to what the child puts in his mouth. Before the first use, the brush for child dental care should be washed with running water, and better boiling water, but without detergents.

How to brush child’s teeth

  1. Do not leave the child alone when he brushes his teeth. Parents should actively participate in toddler brushing teeth till they are 7 years old. Long enough? Perhaps, but only at the age of 7 years the child is able to carry out hygienic procedures independently and, the main thing, without risk to choke, to get an injury.
  2. Apply a small amount of tooth paste to the brush. The amount should be about the size of a rice grain. This is enough for a child (by the way, the correct amount of the paste for an adult – size of a pea). In any case, do not apply the paste on the entire surface of the brush when you are going to brush your child’s teeth, it is wrong.
  3. Try to brush your baby’s teeth at least twice a day. Before going to bed it is necessary because the composition of saliva at night changes, which contributes to the development of caries.

toddler brushing teeth

Problems of child dental care. Bleeding gums.

In most cases, bleeding of the child’s gums, including when toddler brushing teeth, is caused by inflammation of the gums. It, in turn, as a rule, is the consequence of the accumulation of dental plaque.

In this case, there is nothing left but to thoroughly brush the baby’s teeth, despite the bleeding. And soon the problem should disappear. If the bleeding lasts longer than 3-4 days, it is advisable to visit the dentist.

A big event – the first child visit to the dentist

In case of an emergency, it is recommended to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

And the first, usual, planned visit to the pediatric dentist is recommended in the first year of the child’s life. The dentist will give modern advice on child dental care and toddler brushing teeth.

The first visits to the dentist’s office with the baby should be adaptive. The child should get acquainted with the doctor and the office, get used to them. A favorite toy can help to make such a meeting more enjoyable and reduce the stress of the baby.

Follow-up visits to the child dentist should be carried out at least every 4 months. This is the interval of the time when the child still remembers the previous visit, and pathology and lesions in the oral cavity will be easy to detect and cure in time.

pedodontist visit is necessary for child dental care

Children are very demanding patients. And the treatment of children’s teeth is a complex field of dentistry. Therefore, for the first visits to the dentist parents should look for doctors specializing in the treatment of the youngest children, i.e. from the field of pedodontics. Or dentists with experience in this field. Usually these are doctors who easily establish contact with children and have successful treatment practice.

Child dental care is one of the most important tasks of parents. From the first days it is necessary to take care of the proper care of the baby’s gums, and then in time to instill habit in toddler brushing teeth. It will really pay off in future! Do not forget that dental treatment is expensive and painful.

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