How to cook children’s breakfast? 7 useful tips for parents

For the children’s breakfast to fulfill its task, it must be properly composed. At this time, children show that they develop better every day. See your kid’s healthy and simple breakfast ideas.

Children’s breakfast is a meal that needs to be given a lot of attention, because the health of the child, as well as its further development, depends on it. With an empty stomach, a child feels uncomfortable; it is more difficult for him to focus on what the teacher or educator says. Therefore, make sure that your baby does not leave the house hungry and without a full children’s breakfast.

Why is children’s breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Why is children's breakfast the most important meal of the day?

The task of breakfast is to provide the child with the energy necessary to stimulate the body and mind. Studies have shown that children who eat hearty breakfasts every day at home achieve better results at school, because unlike children who eat this meal only at school, they can concentrate better, they are less aggressive and drowsy.

How does children’s breakfast affect the body?

From many years of scientific research it also follows that breakfast:

  • boosts immunity
  • prevents obesity
  • prevents caries
  • children starting their day with healthy foods are used to regular meals.
  • they have lower blood cholesterol
  • complain less of abdominal pain

In an empty stomach of children who do not eat breakfast, there is an excessive amount of acid, which irritates the mucous membrane, disturbing the digestive system. The body’s resistance to cold also decreases, while a decrease in blood glucose levels can lead to drowsiness and dizziness.

Why should breakfast for children be made wisely?

For the children’s breakfast to fulfill its task, it must be properly composed. It is assumed that it provides a large dose of complex carbohydrates, which gently increase blood sugar levels and provide energy for a long time.

They do not give such a charge of energy as sweets, but thanks to them the body functions more efficiently for a long time, and hunger comes later than after eating something sweet.

Why should breakfast for children be made wisely?

Interesting ideas for a kid’s breakfast

  • A great breakfast idea for a child is corn or millet, to which you can add fresh seasonal fruit. Millet is a source of B vitamins, silicon, magnesium, calcium and iron. Porridge perfectly absorbs moisture into the body, so it will help fight colds and strengthen a weakened body.
  • Children also love porridge, to which you can add banana, apple, raspberry, blueberry, peach. Oat pancakes are delicious, very healthy and are cooked very quickly!
  • An ideal source of complex carbohydrates is whole grain bread (it also contains vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and fiber), savory breakfast cereals, such as cornflakes (also rich in fiber).
  • Another ingredient of a good children’s breakfast should be foods that contain protein and calcium – unsweetened yogurt, milk soup, kefir, yellow cheese, cottage cheese. Fresh fruit can be added.
  • Don’t forget about vegetables rich in vitamins – a slice of tomato, a leaf of lettuce, sliced ​​pepper will be a good addition to the sandwich.
  • The menu should be enriched with eggs, such as scrambled eggs or omelets. Eggs contain B vitamins (their deficiency is manifested in children with impaired neurological functions, such as fatigue or nervousness), as well as iron (prevents anemia, improves concentration).
  • Wheat sprouts and nuts rich in vitamins and microelements will be an excellent addition (for example, one Brazil nut covers the need for selenium for the whole day).

What drinks can be offered for a children’s breakfast?child drinks fresh juice

  • The most beneficial are freshly squeezed juices or non-carbonated mineral water, as well as milk drinks (a glass of milk or a milkshake with fruit).
  • On the other extreme, sweetened carbonated drinks and strong tea. Although they immediately add energy, they have a terrible effect on the condition of the teeth, making it harder to absorb calcium, and carbonated drinks increase the risk of obesity.
  • You can give your child a drink of juice, but you should read the composition on the package in advance. The most useful ones are those that do not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners.

What should be avoided when making children’s breakfast?

There is no place in the children’s breakfast for:

  • sweetened flakes
  • fat sausages
  • sweet desserts, presumably milk-based, that have nothing to do with milk
  • biscuit
  • fast food

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