12 tips for mothers to care for newborns

Caring for newborns is a very complex but interesting process. We will tell you how to properly care for  newborns.

How to prepare housing for a newborn?room for a newborn

First of all, make sure that the apartment or house, in which you will transport a small child from the hospital, is clean, heated and well-ventilated. In the apartment the temperature should be around 20-22 degrees Celsius, the humidity of the air is more than 40%. In winter, put a humidifier in the house or apartment. The air quickly becomes dry. It is very harmful for the child.

Better wear a child, and not leave it naked in a hot and stuffy room. They easily freeze and overheat. Be careful!

Сare for newborns

  • In the morning, always wash the baby’s face with clean water;
  • Do not forget to cut the baby’s nails. This should be done every 7-10 days. You will need safety scissors to avoid hurting the child. Leave the child about 1 mm free edge of the nail, don’t cut too short. If redness or inflammation appears on the skin around the nails, then immediately consult a doctor;
  • You can wash your baby immediately after returning from the hospital. Boil water is not necessary if you live in the city. The water temperature should be no higher than 36-37 degrees (do not let it fall below 30 degrees, otherwise the child may freeze);
  • Regularly change diapers. If your baby has constantly loose stools, then you can use a cream to protect children’s skin under diapers. Do not forget to arrange a newborn air bath sessions so that his skin breathes.

parents take care of the newborn, bathing him in the bath

Feeding the newborn

Mother’s milk is the best food for a newborn. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding for up to two years. What is needed for successful breastfeeding:

  • In the first months of feeding, lactation is established in a child (the period of feeding with mother’s milk). Feed your baby at his request, and not on schedule. Feeding by the hour is an outdated method and can sometimes harm the baby;
  • It is not necessary to water the newborn with water unless he has had enough milk (exception: doctor’s testimony about drinking water). There is enough water in breast milk to meet the needs of the baby. Additional water intake can cause problems with the adjustment of lactation in the baby. He will stop eating his mother’s milk partially or completely. Because of that the child will receive much less nutrients for normal growth and development;
  • The teat and baby bottle can also cause problems with the baby’s lactation period. In the first month it is better not to give them to a newborn baby;
  • If you do everything right and your baby gets enough milk, it will be noticeable by the weight gain of the child. The rate of weight gain: from 400 to 1200 grams per month.

mom takes care of the newborn and breast-feeds him

I have no desire or ability to breastfeed. What to do?

Use artificial mixtures. You should not save on this product, look only for quality mixtures that will fit the newborn. To do this, you must consult a pediatrician. Buy infant formula only known and proven brands that have only positive reviews.

A good option is an adapted milk formula. Its composition is very close to the composition of breast milk, which is why it is easier to digest. Focus on the notation, for what age the mixture is suitable and what is its shelf life.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the product packaging!

Newborn Sleep

In the first month of life, newborns sleep most of the day. Sleeping for small children is just as important as proper feeding. However, many young parents sometimes cannot figure out how to calm a crying child and put him to bed. Causes of screams and tears can be very different: the child is not properly dressed and it is uncomfortable to lie down, he is cold or hot, he has health problems. Let’s take a few tips on how to organize a healthy sleep for your baby:the child sleeps in the baby nest

  • Make sure that the room has comfortable conditions for a healthy sleep: no annoying noises, smells, bright light, etc.
  • See if the baby is comfortably dressed: children’s things should not squeeze, pinch or drag the limbs of the newborn; he should not be hot or cold in clothes;
  • Create conditions for the baby, which will be close to being in the womb. Child health consultant’s report that special sleeping nest in which the newborn will fall asleep have now become very popular. Thanks to this, he will experience sensations like in his mom’s belly. Nest for a child can be made by your own hands;
  • Watch your baby’s condition. If you see signs of fatigue in him, then begin to stack him, no need to make a strict schedule for him. It is best to lay the child after a walk in the fresh air.

 Be attentive and sensitive to your child, and you will become the best parent!

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