5 ideas for breakfast for the child, which he will do on his own

Breakfast for the child is the first and most important meal of the day, which your child must eat before leaving the house. The morning energy meal gives the kid the strength to perform his daily duties, whether at home, in kindergarten or at school. To teach your child independence, it is worthwhile to engage him in the preparation of breakfast, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the fast food dishes that children can easily make on their own.

Breakfast for the child is often difficult to prepare. In the morning, parents often hurry, plan activities for the day, so it happens that the role of breakfast is reduced, and as a result, the child eats something that does not require any efforts to prepare, which can be easily and quickly consumed.

Breakfast – is a key dish for a child

Breakfast for the child plays a key role. Although you often refuse it because of lack of time, a small feeling of hunger or the need for a long sleep. It’s worth knowing how important this food is for health, proper development and the body’s ability to exert physical and mental effort.

Regular eating breakfast provides better availability of glucose in the body, which leads to more efficient brain function and, thus, accelerates the development of your child.

In addition, eating breakfast also leads to positive long-term effects, which are manifested in the body’s proper nutrition, its good condition, as well as in adequate intake of essential nutrients.

This, in turn, leads to faster learning and recovery of already accumulated knowledge. The importance of breakfast for a child in kindergarten is also confirmed by other scientific studies that confirm its positive influence on cognitive functions and mood, namely satisfaction, concentration, creativity, problem solving, mathematical and oratorical skills, as well as fewer errors.

Why it is dangerous to skip a breakfast?

In turn, the refusal of breakfast for a child can be fatal. First, in children and adults who do not eat breakfast, hypoglycemia occurs, that is, a low level of glucose in the blood, which leads to insufficient concentration of attention, irritability, drowsiness and malaise.

In addition, the rejection of breakfast increases the risk of overweight and obesity by 20%, as well as chronic diseases such as: hypertension (by 16%) and type 2 diabetes (by 19%).

What should be included in breakfast for the child?What should include breakfast for the child

Breakfast for the child must be properly prepared to give him energy for the whole day. Therefore, it should consist of appropriate ingredients that include cereals, fruits, vegetables, and fats.

Each of these ingredients has a positive effect on the body, therefore, considering what to eat for breakfast, it is worth considering them in the daily menu of a preschooler. You should know that a healthy diet includes breakfast consisting of such foods as: whole wheat bread, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, fruit juices, vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, olive oil, olives, etc.

The above products allow you to create an energy breakfast for your child, rich in simple and complex carbohydrates, vitamins, fiber and minerals.

It should also be emphasized that breakfast for the child does not include: refined flakes, convenience foods, foods which contain a lot of fat (especially saturated and trans fats, including, for example, margarine) and sweetened beverages (soda).

You do not have time? Involve your child in breakfast preparation

In order for the child to prepare his breakfast, it is necessary to help him. At the first stage, you can prepare food with your children. The child can help in laying on the table the necessary products, as well as cutlery, dishes, etc.

He can also do things like washing vegetables with his mom or dad. Later you can gradually show him how to cut, apply and lubricate various ingredients. When the child is already independent, you can give him the opportunity to cook breakfast by himself.

In order not to be late for kindergarten or school, it is worth to prepare some products in evening, ask the child to prepare the necessary ingredients, dishes, etc.

When preparing breakfast for the child himself, it is important that he has access to the necessary products and items that he needs to prepare a meal, and therefore this isn’t connected, for example, with reaching higher shelves. It is also important to use dishes that do not harm you.

The child should also know that whenever he needs help from an adult, he can ask them without any problems, and he will get it. Therefore, at the beginning it will be necessary to get up early and give the child time to prepare breakfast.


5 ideas for breakfast for a child

Preparing breakfast for a child teaches him independence, so parents, without any doubt, can offer such activity to the child. Below there are 5 ideas for breakfast that the kid can cook himself.

1. Sandwiches

Sandwiches – a popular option, which is quite simple to cook. They have many cooking options. Some parents think it is junk food, but it all depends on the ingredients you take for cooking.

2. Oatmeal

Many children do not like porridge, but it should be approached differently. An excellent solution would be to cook the night before the oatmeal with coconut milk, which most fo the kids love.

Then in the morning he will be able to add to this: fruits and nuts, which are to taste and ready to eat. The breakfast prepared this way will certainly be appetizing for him, and he will make him happy.

oatmeal for breakfast


Another way to have a quick and healthy breakfast that a child can cook alone will be natural yogurt combined with fruit and mussels.

It’s enough for a child to put yogurt in a bowl, add favorite fruits, as well as muesli, a combination of oatmeal, honey, nuts, seeds (for example, sunflower), raisins, cranberries and spices (cinnamon, ginger, etc.).

This dish looks beautiful, it is simple to make, and also tastes great!

4. Pancakes

Pancakes are very convenient breakfast. They can be cooked in the evening. In the morning, your child can take a couple of pancakes and spread them with jam or honey. Also, this dish is not very difficult to prepare. You can teach your child how to make pancake dough.

5. Cocktail

Kids also love breakfast cocktails. Some of them do not require a lot of work, so they will be a great offer for self-study. All you need to do is put a banana, blueberry, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of peanut butter and pour coconut milk or yogurt into a blender cup, and you’re done.

A lockable device is best for this, which is certainly easier for a child to use than, for example, a hand blender.

children can have a cocktail for breakfast

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