5 Golden rules for child nutrition after first birthday

Behaviors instilled in a child at the early years of life have an impact on the child’s entire life. So, we better use this important time wisely. In particular, attention should be paid to the rules of the child nutrition to develop certain food preferences and habits.

Systematically introduce new products / dishes

Child nutrition for the one-year-old involves a significant expansion of the menu. Although the child probably already eats some “adult” foods and dishes, the menu is still not that big. At the same time, it is necessary to completely reduce breasfeeding.

It is obvious that it is necessary to expand the menu of one-year-old baby with healthy products. Do not rush to give the child candies.

However, in any case, it is necessary to make every effort for proper child nutrition. Forces invested in his training to eat on his own and the development of proper eating habits, will be payed off in the future for sure.

child nutrition - diet rules for kids

Age-appropriate child nutrition

Making a diet menu for the proper child nutrition, it is worth remembering that it should meet the individual needs and appetite. Food consumption and eating habits have a huge impact on life expectancy and quality. And, as mentioned above, the first years of life is the most important time in the formation of these habits.

First of all, you need to choose quality products for one-year-old child menu. Avoid sugar and salt in the child nutrition, at least in large quantities, as well as harmful additives (such as dyes and preservatives).

Diet for child nutrition should be fairly balanced. The one-year-old baby menu should contain a variety of foods – animal milk and dairy products, bread, cereals, meat (especially poultry), fish, fruits and vegetables. And cooked meals should be varied.

A small variety of diet – a common mistake in the child nutrition. According to experts, this may be the result of both children’s fear of novelty / unknown food (so-called neophobia), problems with the intake of some products (often vegetables and meat), as well as parents’ fears or lack of opportunities.

Respect your child and put up with his appetite

child nutrition - healthy food for kids

It is worth remembering that the stomach of a baby under the age of 3 years is very small. Therefore, to feed the child after a year, it is important to choose the size of the portion in accordance with his individual needs. Do not overfeed the child, rely on his natural appetite regulation.

Don’t give up

A child from infancy can communicate well with the outside world, but not with words. He understands that crying and screaming are an effective way to achieve his goal. Including, getting favorite food, dessert, sweet drinks. It is necessary to show patience and perseverance, if the child begins to act up.

However, this problem of child nutrition can be avoided. If, starting to vary the menu of one-year-old baby, you postpone “meeting” and tasting products with high sugar content and flavor enhancers. They are usually the products that children scream and cry for.

It also often happens that the baby refuses the proposed dish because of “other”, “new” taste sensations. Not the ones he was used to, not the ones his mother had given him when he was in safe on her breast. Then he gets angry and spits out the food.

In this situation, some parents give up the new dish. Meanwhile, diversity in the child nutrition is still necessary. And the best solution is to gradually tame the baby to new tastes. Try constantly asking him to try a symbolic teaspoon of new food.

child nutrition - healthy food for kids

Give food of the right consistency

Experts agree that among parents there is a tendency to give kids food with the wrong consistency. That is, they grind it too much, rub it, etc.

Meanwhile, if we are talking about child nutrition of one-year-old baby, this is the period when the little man needs to acquire and improve the skills of chewing solid food. The introduction of new food and dish having solid consistency to the menu allows him, first of all, to practice chewing, biting. He also develops the habit of eating on his own.

So avoid too liquid consistency of food in child nutrition, its excessive grinding and rubbing.

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